February 4th: 0.53 Patch is Live on Stable Branch (1.1GB) Complete Changelog

After well deserved holidays, the DayZ developers are back to work and the least we can say is that the 2015 Development Roadmap is filled up with awesome features. To be honest, it promises to trully step up the game into a new dimension. So all aboard and hold on to your seats… It’s gonna be a hell of a ride!

Let’s begin this year with a new patch: the highly expected 0.53 Update. Here’s a complete list of new features & items.

Dayz 0.53: Featured Changes

Dayz 0.53: New Weapons

Dayz 0.53: New Clothes

Dayz 0.53: New Items

Dayz 0.53: Map Changes

Dayz 0.53: New Gameplay Mechanics

Dayz 0.53: Leaked Models (from game data files)

Dayz 0.53: Developers Status Report

Dayz 0.53: Complete Changelog


  • Flare gun hand pose & reload animation
  • Water pump water pouring
  • Supersonic crack sound for weapons with supersonic ammo
  • Bullet fly wizz
  • Melee weapons sounds
  • Flare gun sounds

New locations:

  • Terra incognita
  • Castle on Skalisty island
  • Nagornoe village


  • New version of BattleEye.
  • Antihacks.
  • Vehicle persistence.
  • The navmesh controller connected to the entity controller.
  • Adminlogs added for private shards (logs connects and disconnects of player, tracks damage dealt from player to player, logs messages sent through chat …).

  • Crafted Leather Jacket, Pants, Backpack, Shoes and Vest
  • Broom
  • Canoe paddle
  • Lead pipe
  • Steak knife
  • Hatchet
  • Hay Hook
  • Flanged Mace
  • Red, green, blue and gray sweater
  • Red, green, blue, yellow, violet, orange and black quilted jackets
  • Blue, red, pink and black raincoat
  • Yellow, orange, blue, green, red, pink and black armband
  • Khaki, Black, Olive and Tan M65 Jacket
  • Bayonet for AKs
  • Flare gun
  • Ice Axe
  • Field Shovel
  • Lug Wrench

  • Handheld scopes not limited in Y axis.
  • You can use rope, duct tape or wire for restraining other players.
  • You can use blades, pliers, hacksaw and lock pick to untie players.
  • You can craft armbands by shredding raincoats.
  • You can use cooking tripod as melee.
  • You can attach cooking tripod on fireplace.
  • You can pour water, gasoline or disinfectant into any kind of container (except soda cans).
  • You can pour liquids from container to container.
  • You can tan skin using lime.
  • You can upgrade fireplace to furnace.
  • You can use Ice Axe for stone picking.
  • You can sew Leather Jacket, Vest, Pants, Shoes, Hat and Sack from Tanned Leather with Leather Sewing Kit.
  • Construct fireplace states by attachments.
  • Fireplace consuming fuels (heating/cooling fireplace temperature).
  • Heat transfer from heated items (you can heat items in a fireplace and then bring them with you to keep you warm).
  • You can find worms when digging garden plot.
  • Planting in garden plot is less effective in comparison to greenhouse.
  • Zucchini plant, seeds and its growing process.

  • Suicide with various items
  • You can not unpin grenade laying on the ground
  • Ghillie suit painting
  • Arrow crafting no longer consumes 2 instead of 1 feather in certain circumstances
  • Deployment of ruined fishtrap
  • Cancel action during digging in greenhouse
  • Fireplace heating process tweaked
  • Effect of wetness on temperature tweaked
  • Handguard placement on AKs
  • Kitchen Knife cannot be placed on back
  • Fish trap deterioration and sardines count
  • Damaged an Ruined texture on some items (book, heatpack,…)
  • Shovel size
  • Clothing sizes tweaked
  • Heatpacks keeps you warm longer, but its longevity is affected by it’s damage
  • Gun muzzle flashes

Loot Tables changes:

  • Domestic Pigs removed from domestic spawn points.
  • V3S now up to 15 Spawns, and Spawns points have practically doubled.
  • B_Flare_Single, added to spawns. Anywhere ammo spawns.
  • Flaregun added looks like its sharing spawn points with more melee weapons rather than guns.
  • Miscellaneous new stuff i won’t be going too in depth with are Tool_HayHook, Hatchet, Tool_Pipe, Tool_Broom, Cultivation_ZucchiniSeedsPack, Tool_Iceaxe, Tool_SteakKnife, Raincoat_Black, Raincoat_Pink, Raincoat_Red, Raincoat_Blue, Sweater_Gray, Sweater_Blue, Sweater_Green, Sweater_Red, QuiltedJacket_Black, QuiltedJacket_Green, QuiltedJacket_Blue, QuiltedJacket_Red, QuiltedJacket_Grey, QuiltedJacket_Orange, QuiltedJacket_Yellow, QuiltedJacket_Violet, Tool_LugWrench, Tool_FieldShovel all added.
  • The puffy jackets have been removed, BubbleGoose_Blue, BubbleGoose_Red, BubbleGoose_Green, BubbleGoose_Orange.
  • Container_Bear. Container_BearWhite, Container_BearDark, Container_BearPink all added to spawn. looks like they are keeping the christmas bears around.
  • They fixed the green checkered dress to spawn now, it had a typo as I mentioned in one of my old logs.
  • Attachment_Bayonet_AK new AK attachment spawning in mi-8 Heli’s.
  • M65_Jacket_Black, M65_Jacket_Khaki, M65_Jacket_Tan, M65_Jacket_Olive added to spawns in UH1Y Heli’s
  • New spawns points for prison Land_Prison_LargeWall, Land_Prison_MainCastle_EXT added, looks like they have police station like gear, even MP5’s / mag, and Police / OREL outfits, Black Balaclava (this has always been police station/car gear only). Other stuff includes PrisonUniformPants, PrisonUniformJacket and ton of books, medical supplies.
  • A bunch of spawns in the Main Castle Prison have the term “scalar” instead of a spawn rate number. I don’t know if they will spawn or not.
  • There is also a Special Spawn room in the Prison with Military barrack Guns and attachments including AKM AK101 etc. No other Military barrack gear like High Cap vests or grenades.
  • Fuel Stations now have the option to “Use the Stand” instead of Fill Canister. Maybe we can direct fill cars now?
  • Wells now have “Use the Pump” instead of Drink water, with an animation. Looks like Fill Bottle was also removed.
  • You can now cancel action while doing horticulture actions.
  • New Set Bear Trap action is in the code. No Spawns though.
  • Fill bottle now only in Fresh water sources, at least that’s what it looks like.
  • The “My body feels wet” message may start coming sooner that before as the threshold is changed from 0.3 to 0.05.
  • New Liquid types and classes have been added, including Water, River Water, Vodka, Beer, Gasoline, Diesel. Looks like they are preparing for different water containers.

Crafting changes:

  • Cut out X seeds removed from this file, can anyone confirm if this is still working ? might be in another file I have not checked.
  • I didn’t notice this class before but there was a Craft Leather Sack option for Deer Pelt using the Knife. But it just got removed. Anyone wanna check if this is actually in Stable?
  • Rope / Metal Wire / Duct Tape (Definition not in this file, see below) can now be used to restrain people.

Consumable Changes:

  • Ghillie Suit should now be paintable, the typo is fixed.
  • Crafting Armbands from Rain Coats, with a knife and or axe.
  • You can stack Armbands like rags, and split them.
  • You can now Tan Animal Pelts with Garden Lime to make Tanned Leather, Looks like pretty much all animal pelts now can make leather. Even bear pelt is defined already o.0. This ‘Tanned Leather’ can be combines and split like rags. Does not look like Tanned leather has a use yet.
  • Found Duct tape Definition, yes it does restrain people as well.

Cooking Changed

  • Craft_FireplaceKit_Rags: Craft_FireplaceKit_Base is modified, this uses Stick + Rags.
  • Craft_FireplaceKit_Bandage: Craft_FireplaceKit_Base uses Stick + Bandage.
  • Craft_FireplaceKit_Paper: Craft_FireplaceKit_Base uses Stick + Paper.
  • Craft_FireplaceKit_Book: Craft_FireplaceKit_Base uses Stick + Book.
  • Fill_CookingPot_With_Bottle added.
  • Empty_CookingPot added.
  • A ton of old food recipes removed, stuff that were never in the game like Pizza and Pie.
  • Some class definitions about cookware and fireplaces were modified. Fireplace is now 3×3 in Inventory and hold 5×3 of space.
  • New Action on fireplace “TurnOnAgain” with “Blow air into fireplace” as the text.
  • I’m not sure where it defines the different fireplace upgrades, I thought it would be in this cooking file but its not.


  • Server freezes.
  • Character falls/gets stuck after throwing melee weapon during swing/weapon change.
  • Player can’t pick up items from the ground sometimes.
  • V3S can clip under ground in certain circumstances.
  • Players are experiencing desync while next to each other/ in vehicles.
  • Items with classnames that are too long aren’t saved into the character database.
  • Items in backpack rearranges upon connection to server.
  • Player is stuck in building after reconnect.
  • City/Shadow related client FPS drops.
  • Camera clipping issues.


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