December 3rd: 0.51 Update is Live on Stable Branch (1GB) Changelog

The new 0.51 Patch has been released on stable branch. Introducing the first vehicle, the V3S truck, the craftable ghillie, cannibalism and Steyr AUG/MP-133 double pistol grip! As always, some new items, features and bug fixes have been implemented. See the changelog below.

V3S Working Vehicle

Ghillies Suites




V3S Spawn Locations (3 Spawns per Server Restart)

First Vehicle Implementation: More Infos

As the team is going out with vehicles this soon into their implementation, only to be sure that performance impact is as expected and they can continue on this course. Currently the vehicles (as a feature) are very rough, however the underlying structure is there. Ranging from visual bugs, to physics issues. You can expect anything. Dev team is aware of most of them.

Although the data for parts and some tech is there, the systems need to be configured. You can expect to drive the vehicle, use it for transport of you and your codriver from point A to point B. However for this experimental you don’t need to repair anything and you can find vehicles easily. This will not be the case later in their development. Developers increased the number of available vehicles by a great amount so you can have fun and break them.

Many issues are part of polish that will happen over time. Some of them are critical, thus will have higher priority. Please use the official feedback tracker for any specific cases, with as much data as possible. It does help. Now to the core of the problems that you can expect with explanation of each and every one (Most of the systems have been rewritten and the development time has been invested into having proper underlying tech for the modules of the new engine)

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Dayz 0.51: Developers Status Report

Dayz 0.51: Changelog

  • Item: V3S
  • Item: Ghillie Suite (Hood, Bushrag, Top)
  • Item: Ghillie Weapon Wrap
  • Item: Jerry can
  • Item: Military Tent
  • Item: Human Flesh
  • Item: Burlap Strips
  • Item: Netting
  • Item: Steyr Aug
  • Item: MP133 with pistol grip
  • Item: Burlap strips
  • Mechanics: Vehicles
  • Mechanics: Vehicles refueling
  • Mechanics: Prion Disease
  • Mechanics: New crafting recipes
  • Mechanics: Updated heat transfer
  • Mechanics: Watering plants

  • Abuse of vomiting to gain energy
  • Mending balaclavas
  • Splitting and combining netting
  • Splitting and combining burlap strips
  • Ammo box dragging on magazines
  • Combining and splitting worms
  • Breaking out of restraints fixes
  • Uncuffing using keys
  • Picking up mp133 from the ground
  • Rangefinder mechanics
  • Items are no longer pristine only
  • Skinning should now give pelts properly
  • V3S going uphill
  • V3S physics simulation
  • V3S damage to characters
  • V3S collisions
  • V3S fueling mechanic
  • Memory Leaks
  • And a lot more!

  • Item locked in hands slot
  • Items can’t be picked up sometimes
  • Left earpiece sound volume is lowered sometimes
  • Ghillie will probably react badly on chemlight, flare and other light sources
  • Some items will freeze in midair when you throw them multiple times in a row
  • Some items will visually duplicate themselves if used from the ground