Need more information? Read this Interview with Dean Hall covering DayZ Engine & Console port.

Dean Hall’s announcement at the PlayStation Gamescom conference should not be a surprise to anybody: DayZ Standalone will make its way onto the PS4. There has already been some speculation, and Hall himself had been questioned on the subject at previous events and had hinted at the possibility through his responses.

Many had been fooling themselves into thinking that this would be a PC game only though. It’s easy to understand why we might do this, DayZ Standalone evolved from ARMA 2, and the resulting DayZ mod, and has grown a very dedicated PC community. The fragile nature of this zombie cult game and its stability issues have long been a part of the user experience and seem far removed from the polished article that a PS4 game should embody. The community have rightly been encouraged to take ownership and along with this embrace loyalty and the right to respond.


Preparation for this announcement has been going on behind the scenes for some time now. DayZ Standalone has recently introduced the 64-bit servers, which is something the PS4 would need, and with the inevitable departure of Hall himself it would be wise for them to use his figurehead status as a voice to promote this future platform for DayZ Standalone, before he leaves. It made sense that now was the time for the announcement when they could have kept it under wraps for a while longer and not rocked the boat.

The preparation had also included the proposed optimisation of the game’s engine and although this would dramatically increase the frame rate and playability of the PC version it is also vital for PS4 graphic demands. Already Bohemia Interactive have a team in place to take on the port to the console and they work closely with the PC developers, comments made on Reddit by Hall himself.

This long-term focus, although they haven’t given a release date for the PS4 version, is likely to be two or three years in the making, and increased capability demands will surely have a positive effect on the performance of the PC version. You could argue that some resources will be dragged across to the PS4 development team, but ultimately for Bohemia to get this right they need to make the PC version optimisation effective for a stable port. This would be based around an entirely new cross-platform renderer that will reportedly bring enhanced graphics to the current game as well as any future developments.


With DayZ Standalone being ported to the PS4 the game is going to reach an even bigger audience. Recently Sony announced that in early August 10 million PS4 units had been sold to date, far outstripping its main competitor the Xbox One. If, when DayZ Standalone is launched on the PS4, it sells to just a third of those who own PlayStation 4s, and retails at about £40, Bohemia interactive will be making a fortune. Despite the fact that there are higher costs with developing console games, as well as the additional expense of in game updates on consoles, Bohemia interactive are going to hugely benefit from having DayZ Standalone on multiplatform’s. Around the forums and in statements there has been little mention on how this type of income will be spent. The likelihood is it will allow Bohemia Interactive to expand further give them a better base to complete projects such as DayZ Standalone. It will also encourage patrons or banks to trust and invest in the current developments if the profit margins are so predicted.

Currently Dean Hall has said that PC leads over Console. Partly what he means is that as a group they are dedicated to the community that has so supported, as well as constructively criticised, even if harshly at times, the growth of DayZ Standalone. But already there has been much criticism about the announcement. This is founded in the fear that resources will be taken away from the current PC development and that these will be focused on the more lucrative PS4 evolution. It is early stages as yet but the way in which Bohemia Interactive use the money and resources they have gained from the release of DayZ Standalone will be looked at very closely over the coming year.


At the Sony conference Dean Hall stood on stage and boldly announced that DayZ Standalone is going to be on PS4, but he also highlighted the history of the game. Through what he said it is easy to gauge that he is very proud of what he’s achieved on the PC. That the origins of DayZ Standalone will be protected. This came through in the wording as well as the acknowledgement for how the game has evolved. He was convincing but as many followers of the game are aware Dean Hall will be moving on. With this predictable announcement, although actually hearing it does drive home its importance, can we trust the next person, the next figurehead, to take over and not see the dollar signs rather than the original intentions of a game that has taken the gaming community by storm? It is clear that this one product has shifted peoples’ perceptions of Indie Development, as well as grow Bohemia Interactive into something that can now take on the big boys with a progressive PlayStation product. The build-up to the release of DayZ Standalone on PS4 will be massive and it is another indication that as a company they may well be climbing the prestige ranks.

It would be easy to get carried away with the prospect of a launch on PlayStation but, as previously mentioned, the likelihood is it’s going to take 2 to 3 years before it will be released. It will be coming up to a year shortly since DayZ Standalone was itself released and people will be asking what the following year will bring. There are some sure bets that we can drawn from this not so unexpected PS4 announcement. Two things are that DayZ will have a bigger team and that Bohemia Interactive will be working on a cross-platform renderer which is going to enable them to embed higher quality graphics not only in the PC version but in the coming PS4 release.


This is really the crux of the matter. For Bohemia Interactive to release DayZ Standalone on the PS4 it needs to be of the highest quality, a finished product, which isn’t how Bohemia currently work. What it gladly says is that they need to work to a deadline, they have to have a target in mind, rather than just drawing out a development process. There will be more pressure on them to reach milestones and results will be expected especially seeing they will be spending some of our hard spent cash on this project. So the PC platform will no doubt receive even more attention if the PS4 version is to rely on a finished product to port.

We also have to see this announcement for what it is. It’s a business statement about product that has been and still is very successful. No matter how hardcore you are as a DayZ Standalone player you can’t ignore the fact that a company needs revenue to keep growing, no matter how much they have taken already. Ideas expand and projects grow as they reach for the stars. By bridging from PC to PlayStation you could argue that it has secured the future and the finishing development of a game that many have come to love and sometimes hate and completely immerse themselves in.

By Pitstop Head: Gamer and Commentator on a number of PC Games.


  • Next they’ll announce pot leaf “camo” skins for the M4 and AKM, and snoop doggs voice for your avatar.

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    Lets hope it wont affect the modding later tho

    • Let’s hope it is a joke 🙁

      • I don’t think it is. 😉

        The game is just a unfinished large construction site… now is the absolute wrong time to announce support for another plattform! Its the wrong signal to the whole community, i think.

        Dean Hall has announced to leave this project when it’s reaching Beta… and now he’s talking about PS4…

        Just think about it. Its nonsence.

        A good push for the PS4’s sells, but worse case for all the waiting people… It makes no difference if the PS4 ediition comes after the PC version. This is a bad accident of marketing.

        • I don’t understand why you port a game like DayZ to PS4. DayZ is not made for a controller! Hopefully it won’t effect the PC version, cause if it does we could end up with Left4Dead zombies and a massive amount of machine guns 🙁

          • Thats another point. I think DayZ with Controller will mean, PS4 Edition will miss some control Features. Or it will be very difficult. Operation Flashpoint had his part for Xbox1. It was good, but the controls needed much more time. Impossible to do the same things, thanks to the tousand hotheys.

            Another thing is auto aiming. All console shooters have it.

            Last point… graphics. I’m curious how the PS4 edition will look like. DayZ has no typical graphic for a console game. PC games like ARMA, DayZ live from further mods. There will nothing like it on PS4. DayZ on a gaming console is no option for me. If anyone has both systems, i would prefer PC DayZ.

  • Well, I hope this will not affect the game idea itself. Since Battlefield was released for the consoles, the game is getting worse. Imagine auto healing in this game. Gaming on PC is not the same, never was and hopefully never will be.

  • I don’t like this at all. I’ve played Console a long time and I know how the console community devours games. The console community consists mainly of kids, try hards, no lifes, trash talkers and more. I can’t really explain it, it’s just something you have to see for yourself. Sounds very biased but this is coming from owning a ps3 and Xbox 360 since they were released. It’s awful. I feel like if it goes to console, they’re going to ruin an already fragile community. What makes DayZ great is how people play it. It’s a game based on player interaction. The majority of people on console are coming from games like COD. You really think they’re going to play like it’s supposed to be played? Hero and bandit? No its going to be a KOS shooter if it goes to console.

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      I have to say this, but I have been a console gamer for 5 years and have been playing PC for a year now (DayZ, CS GO) and i haven’t seen any difference in the community… Both have a lot of kids and couple nice guys there and there.

    • Profile photo of Alaskafish

      I kinda agree now that you say it.

      Like, in like 3 years time, I’m going to hear little kids everywhere I go talking about DayZ. Just like Minecraft. I take a train to work and there’s a group of like 9 kids who are probably… 9… they just point at everything and say “This train looks like minecraft”, “Let’s make a train in Minecraft”, “Choo choo! Minecraft”…

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      Its already a KOS shooter for the most part.

    • What are you talking about? I play pc and console and you have it wrong. I have been playing Dayz since mod and now play the sa it is already a kos game. Ive played with a handful of ppl that didnt kos and this was mainly because I was armed and they were not. I agree about COD players but games like BF4 are team based and love it.

      • Same here, I myself don’t play COD anymore mainly because the multiplayer is the same thing over and over. But if you think about it EVERY COD TDM has squeakers, 12 year olds that think they’re always right and campers. This is why I don’t play COD anymore, I play BF4 because of teamwork! And most people WOULD probably think the same thing that “Grim” said but hey I’m a console gamer that started playing COD but then stopped playing because of many reasons.And listen you may think that ALL console gamers are little kids, trash talkers or any of those and you’re right about those but I know that deep inside the “Console Community” their are people that are different, people that aren’t trash talkers and people that look a different direction! and hey I’m not one of them and this message goes out to everybody.

    • what are you talking about ..gta 5 released on consoles first ..we still make friends and foes equally well…

    • Well look at the game as it is now on PC, it has already turned into a KOS shooter with almost no player interaction. I myself have tried to get through situations tactically by talking people down but, it always ends the same a GUNFIGHT. You’re going to have relatively the same community of gamers

    • Well, first of all I don’t think that PC servers will be shared with PS4. It will be just… odd. I see no way controller is going to stand a chance against player with mouse. And that’s just one problem. Even if you are good at aiming with controller, quick reloading through inventory screen… well… let’s just say you would have to have some amazing skills.

      And frankly speaking, DayZ SA’s community is already filled with kids and no-lifes. A couple more wouldn’t make that much of a difference…

  • Personally, I see a problem of different kind. The fact that Dean Hall is going to leave once beta goes live. While there is no reason not to think that rest of the team is going to finish the game. Although I respect the man (Mount-fucking-Everest) It just feels wrong to do something like that.

    Look, DayZ SA supposed to be THE GAME. We all bet our money on it. And now THE MEN leaves the project to make the game of his dreams… perhaps other zombie game.. other THE GAME. And we are supposed to but it too because… what exactly? How this new game, created by his new studio is going to sell new product to old customers? More features then DayZ? Then why we bought DayZ in the first place? To keep ourselves occupied and pissed with bugs until the other game will be produced?

    You see where I am going with this? This is just wrong.
    Sure I understand that guy want to develop, make things his own way (btw. good luck with that!), but it does not change the fact that I feel, as a customer that didn’t knew about that whole “bye-bye in a year” story at the moment I bought the game, betrayed. A little bit. But still.

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    This is a good new because i hope it will attract all the kids that the servers are now filled with.
    This is a bad thing because the team will be divided in two “games”

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    Personally I feel this is great news. It means DayZ will continue to be developed in the short to medium term for the PC at least. If they do go with the port option we will one day have a finished game. By sending it to console I think we can be confident that development will continue where as before this announcement development could have stopped any day with no notice at all.

  • This is somehow good for PC community that set you fucks up? Cut the horseshit. As soon as the smell the console money you can be damn sure that PC gamers will draw a short one. Not to even mention the console down right infantile playerbase that will turn DayZ in a deathmatch.
    Anyone thinking this is good for anybody else but Bohemia should get their head checked. It’s been what, almost 5 years of development? And the game still has all those gamebreaking bugs it had at the very beginning. And you guys think this will do good for a PC version, LoL.
    Honestly, I feel betrayed. Simple as that.

  • Why don’t you finish the PC version first….