Dayz 0.46 Patch is already live on Experimental Branch
Discover all new features: Grenades, Gorka Jacket, Town Hall, New Military Barracks etc…

June, 18th Update: Patch applied to Stable Servers

June, 16th Update: Patch applied to Experimental Servers

June, 12th Update: Rubber Banding is fixed and should be pushed soon

“Dean mentioned to me they are planning on pushing an update to fix this on Saturday (June, 14th). ” From an E3 Interviewer (source)

May, 28th Update: Dean Hall about the 0.45 release on stable branch

Originally we planned to release the 0.45, currently on experimental branch, to stable today. However feedbacks from experimental identified a flaw in a newly designed system to handle player movement. This causes the server to, when faced with complex geometry, come up with a different acceptable pathing result than a client. When the server and client have differing states, the server “wins”. Therefore the place your client lets you go gets “reset” and you warp back to your position.

This is very frustrating as I am sure those testing on experimental will know. We know exactly the problem that causes this, it’s not a bug in a traditional sense but a problem with the approach we used. Currently that approach is being rewritten.

What we did do was merge in some changes to 0.44 that enhance security. There are some loopholes in the game that have not been utilizing our client-server architecture and we will continue to work on these to reduce the impact of hacking and exploiting in the game.

Please report any issues with the game to our feedback tracker at (source)

The 0.45 Update has been finally applied to Stable Branch. The patch is about 762mb and is directly available for download on Steam.

After two weeks of hard work, the DayZ team decided to publish the 0.45 patch on experimental servers. As you should know, it’s content is big. So big that the community already call it “the best patch ever”.
0.45 Complete Changelog

New Actions: Cancel current action, Gathering, Fishing etc…

Many new actions have been added. The so called “Cancel Current Action” is now the default one on the scroll wheel while performing an action. It can also be cancelled by right clicking an item in your inventory. Items like food don’t get consumed when action is canceled. Fishing with a hook and a worm is now available. Players can also mine stones with a pickaxe and upgrade a fireplace with it. It is also possible to chop down trees and tear out pages from books to get blank pages.

New Items: Road flares, Arrows, Fireplace

As always, the art team added many new items: Road flares can be thrown thanks to the new physics system. Fireplace Kits are craftable items with multiple recipes: Rags + Sticks is one, it can be upgraded with stones. Fishing hook, composite arrows for bows (which now work) and firewood can be found all accross the map. Walkie Talkies now have a range that covers the entire map. So they allow for server wide comms.

New Locations and 2 New Towns

Novodmitrovsk city is the biggest new location. It’s size can be compared to Chernogorsk and is located at the north of the NEAF. Karmanovka is the second town. It’s located a bit at the east of Novodmitrovsk and is rather small. There is also a new industrial building with a really great artistic work. A mine area has been added too. And last, but not the least, a new random crashsite system has been implemented. 3 helicopters crashsites spawn at the server start. They are located at the west of the Chernarus and spawn military loot: M4, magazines, ammos and attachements only for the moment.

3 New Weapons: AKM, Longhorn & P1

This is one the most hypped weapon: the AKM is out, including many new attachements: PSO1 scope, 75rnd mag, 30rnd mag, Folding Buttstock and Wooden buttstock. Textures are amazing and the sound is good. The longhorn is also available. It is a scoped pistol two handed that shot mosin rounds (7.52mm). It’s stopping power is huge, but no magazine have been found yet. Lastly, the well known P1 Pistol has appeared in the spawn table.

New Animals: Deer, Boar, Goat & Cow

Those are placeholders for the moment (Arma 2 assets). The dev team is re-working every models, that’s why people will recognize the boar and the cow from the Dayz Mod. However their mouvements are different as they seem to detect player mouvements. Deer doesn’t run in this update.

New Uniforms, Clothing and a Vest!

As promised by the developers the OREL blue-camo uniform is available as the Police Officer Uniform, including a beautiful cap. A new camo called “Gorka Uniform” has appeared with many colorisations. The new “High Capacity Vest” will also give twelve more free slots to the survivors and the glasses with thin frames some style! Lastly players can now craft an improvised courier bag from animal pelt.

DayZ 0.45: List of Major Guides & Showcases

  • Actions: Added cancel current player action on self and on target back to gear configuration
  • Actions: Added cancel current player action on self and on target back to data and character configuration
  • Actions: Added cancel current player action on self, on target and on items back to actions themselves
  • Actions: Added new animations for drinking from pond and well actions
  • Actions: Igniting fireplace depends on wind strength and rain
  • Actions: Salmonellosis is curable with antibiotics
  • Actions: Emptying large magazine will split ammo in adequate amount of smaller piles
  • Actions: You can sharpen a bit badly damaged blades using stone
  • Actions : You can tear few blank pages out of a book
  • Actions : You can go fishing (ponds and lakes for this moment)
  • Actions : You can drink whole bottle at once
  • Animations: Clapping now possible while crouching
  • Animations: Binoculars transitions added for crouch and prone.
  • Content: Garage office building loot spawns added
  • Content: Doors on vehicle wrecks now show name in scroll menu so users are able to know which door or boot they are opening/closing.
  • Crafting : You can craft improvised fishing rod using long ashwood stick and rope
  • Crafting : You craft and break down leather courier bag
  • Crafting : You craft and break down leather backpack
  • Crafting: Splitting long ashwood stick into thirds
  • Crafting: Breaking Courier bag down into materials
  • Crafting: Breaking Improvised backpack down into materials
  • Crafting: Breaking Splint down into materials
  • Gathering : You can collect wood from bushes and trees and also search for kindling in woods
  • Gathering : You can mine stones from some smaller boulders
  • Gathering : You can dig up worms from ground
  • Gathering : You can search for apples
  • Gathering : You can skin and quarter animals
  • Gear: Road flare configuration
  • Gear: Road flare animation
  • Gear: Configuration of fireplace items and crafting recipes for them
  • Gear: Crafting recipes for combine/split firewood and stones
  • Gear: Added flare particle effects synchronization on server
  • Item: AKM attachments (folding buttstock, rail handguard, plastic magazine), AK rail handguard allows the attachment of a flashlight and a bipod
  • Item: Animal pelts added (Wildboar, Rabbit, Cow, Pig, Deer)
  • Item: Improvised Backpack and Courier bag made of fur, recipes added.
  • Items: Road Flare, Fishing hook, High Capacity vest, Longhorn pistol, AKM butt stocks, AKM magazines added to loot spawns
  • Items: Chernarus Police uniform (pants, jacket, cap) added to loot spawns
  • Items: OREL special Police unit uniform added to loot spawns
  • Items: Gorka Military Pants added to loot spawns
  • Items: Various meats configs
  • Item : Improvised fishing rod config
  • Item: Fishing hook config
  • Item: Fishing bait config
  • Item: Worm config
  • Localisation: Door names added to string table.
  • Server: Animals spawning
  • Server: Initial implementation of dynamic server events

  • Actions: Added conditions to crafting recipes
  • Actions: Wooden sticks are stackable, crafting recipes with sticks modified to take stacks into account
  • Actions: Catching some rain action, doesn’t add water to a stomach
  • Actions: Removed ‘isUsingSomething’ variable from player’s stored variables
  • Actions: Deconstructing improvised backpack produce wooden sticks in actual quantity required to craft it
  • Actions: Fireplace sound effects fixed
  • Actions: Fixed addressee of the messages in ignite fireplace action
  • Action: Changed frying time to 30s
  • Action: Higher probability to light fire in the wind
  • Actions: Splitting ruined ammo won’t create a pristine stack
  • Actions: Bow loading action fixed
  • Actions: Firewood splitting action fixed
  • Animations: Fixed an issue where some animations were not interrupted with a death animation, when the player died
  • Animations: Eating, drinking, crafting animations states are now correctly connected to death states
  • Animations: More animations are now able to be cancelled(crafting, pills, injection)
  • Animations: Some basic movement with binoculars is now possible in raised pose
  • Config: Binoculars ability to be placed into holster
  • Crafting: Splint recipe fix
  • Gear: Changed firewood model
  • Gear: Road flares to last 15 minutes
  • Gear: Adding parameter to geometry lod to resolve alpha sorting
  • Gear: Road flare cannot be lit after it’s has already been used
  • Gear: Road flare quantity is not showing in inventory for now (removed till they able to be stacked)
  • Gear: Added cooking subclass to other meat configs
  • Gear: Model filename changed for burned fillet
  • Items: Shoes become damaged after falling from height
  • Item : Long ashwood stick inventory size increased, can be placed on back
  • Item: Improvised short bow inventory size
  • Item: Binocular inventory size changed
  • Item: Closed tuna can, lack of inventory image fixed
  • Item: Closed sardines can, lack of inventory image fixed
  • SFX: Fixed configuration for fireplace flame sound effect
  • Spawns : Bugged crossbow bolt
  • VFX: Helicopter crash site smoke particle effect initialization
  • Actions: Bow loading action fixed
  • Actions: Firewood splitting action fixed

  • Crash caused by burned meat duplication
  • Camera can clip through walls
  • Occaisionally zombies are spawning at the same spot they died
  • Extremely rare crash when a player throws item
  • Player’s next character will not be saved into database if he disconnects after death