dayz-standalone-animals-hunting-aprilAs the developers are currently focused on things like the new AI collision and pathing system, etc… Dean Hall has recently declared that hunting features and animals implementation are coming on the next update “likely expected at the end of May”. (source)

The creator of DayZ also stated that he’s “looking at some more authentic zombies such as ex-firefighters, medical personnal etc…” (source)

April, 26th: Dean Hall Statement on Development

Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall has recently stated about the lake of new gameplay feature since the beginning of the Dayz pre-alpha launch. He consider it would be irresponsible to rush solely into new gameplay features until they have achieved sufficient architectural changes to support the ambitious ideas they wanted to do with DayZ.

Developers debated internally these issues earlier this year, and decided that activity like replacing the renderer and looking at 64-bit, multi-core, etc… while not “exciting” in terms of gameplay, is the only way for them to secure the future.

An example, work has commenced on replacing the renderer. This could take quite a bit of time this year, but at the very least would result in a complete rewrite of how the scene is managed on the client: solving issues like FPS slowdown in cities and greatly improving client performance. At best it could result in DX10/11 (+opengl + ports), which gives better performance (especially on better cards) and provides great options in the future for artists and graphics programmers to write new shaders.

This is kind of like deciding whether to “modernize” old military hardware or simply buy new. Bohemia has opted to modernize the DayZ engine because if it seems dated now, and it is going to be very dated at the end of the year. So, what they have done is:

  • Setup a new studio, dedicated them to AI pathfinding and behavior.
  • Taken the “original” DayZ programming team and assigned them to core engine work (replacing renderer, multi-core, long term stuff..)
  • Hired a new team of people to work on gameplay and “new stuff”.

The Gameplay team is just now starting to deliver some really exciting results, yesterday the lead gameplay programmer showed the interim work on animals. This is temporary work so they can implement hunting while they wait for a more large-scale implementation from the Bratislava studio.