dayz-standalone-february-update-patch-changelogA new patch has been pushed on the 18th February, it includes many new functions such as “Eat all” option, new Ruger 22 reload animation and weather sync on all players. Check the changelog below.

Showcase of new items, features & places

As far as new patches go, a hotfix was released to stable on Wednesday during scheduled server maintenance, to fix a major issue involving GPU memory leaks leading to low FPS and crashes.

The experimental branch is also continuing to undergo regular updates but sadly doesn’t have any updated patch notes to document them. However, one thing that IS definitely in the experimental build are changes made to the unconscious system, including the addition of fibrillation and the ability to check player pulses. Now defib units only work when an unconscious player is suffering from an irregular pulse, otherwise don’t shock your friend, or they’ll probably be dead.

Also you can now try out the experimental DayZ branch on eighty and one-hundred-slot servers, so you’ll probably end up meeting a lot more sociopathic lunatics in your travels.

New buildings & items available

Moving on to some #DayZDaily news, the Alpher took home all three of the accolades it was nominated for in Bloody Disgusting’s 2013 FEAR Awards, winning for Best Zombies, Best Multiplayer and Best New IP by a landslide vote.
Congratulations to the dev-team and a big thanks to everyone who voted!

If you’re like me and you think DayZ simply doesn’t have enough hats, then you’ll be most pleased to hear that the team is adding a lot of different types of boonie hats… and I mean A LOT. The new headgear should end up in the experimental and stable builds very soon, but in the meantime,

here’s yet another preview of the Ruger 10/22 rifle, this time showing off the reloading animation. Unfortunately the GIF is pretty choppy but hopefully you get the idea… the idea that it’s AWESOME.

Almost as awesome as the new varieties of kevlar helmets that are coming to the game, and the fact that weather is now properly syncronized at engine level, meaning rain and other climate effects will start playing a more serious gameplay role, forcing players to stay dry and warm to avoid contracting illness.

Added in 0.36.115535 update:

  • Actions: Vomiting have associated sound effects
  • Actions: Can check pulse on unconscious players
  • Actions: Searching for berries will now add berries to your inventory
  • Actions: Eat All now supported for consumables
  • Animations: New Ruger 10/22 reload animations
  • Animations: Player now can sit with gun/weapon
  • Environment: New rock textures
  • Food: Sambucus berry item added
  • Food: Canina berry item added
  • Graphics: Adding lights to currently rendered scene changed
  • Map: Olsha has been updated
  • Map: Khelm has been updated
  • Map: New rock formations outside Svetlo have been created
  • Map: New Orthodox Chapel has been created
  • Map: Police Stations & Medical Centers have been placed across the map
  • Map: New villages surrounding Svetlo
  • Medical: Players can have a heart attack (declared as “irregular pulse” with pulse checking actions)
  • Weather: Rain, Clouds, Wind, calculated on server and distributed to clients
  • Weather: Rain now causes items and player to become wet


Fixed in 0.36.115535 update:

  • Actions: Added ‘inUseItem’ back to action on target function
  • Actions: Proper nutritional value will be added when eating near empty food
  • Actions: Berry picking script messages to player improved.
  • Graphics: SSAO in options saved
  • Graphics: Rain effect settings changed
  • Graphics: Rain geometry optimized (28bytes vs 12 bytes per vertex)
  • Graphics: Spot light culling fixed
  • Graphics: Fix of terrain intersections
  • Graphics: Fix of geometry trace for flares
  • Login: Failure during new character creation could cause player to get stuck as unconscious
  • Map: Optimizations for Svetlo performance
  • Map: Forests surrounding Svetlo bugfixes
  • Medical: Would never actually die from zero health or blood due to medical conditions
  • Medical: Epi-pens will now wake anyone (briefly) from unconsciousness even if blood very low
  • Medical: Defibrillator used for restarting the heart of players who have a heart attack
  • Medical: Unconsciousness had irregular and unpredictable behavior (epi-pens will now always wake an unconscious player, unless they are having a heart attack)
  • Medical: Melee damage application system changed to better balance
  • Medical: Chance of bleeding from fists reduced significantly
  • Medical: Disconnected players avatars did not take shock or blood damage
  • Zombies: Zombies aims mostly for chest area now when attacking