The latest DayZ patch was released this week on the experimental testing branch, before being pushed to stable on Wednesday.

Aside from all the changes I already talked about last week, the update also includes a handful of other new things. For instance there are two new types of buildings that can be found in Svetloyarsk: a police station and a medical clinic, surrendering players will now drop any one-handed items they’re carrying, four new types of soda have been added, you can now place a burlap sack over you or another player’s head, resulting in loss of visibility and reduced hearing, six new military zombies have been added, there is now a weapon cleaning kit for maintaining your firearms, a speed-loader has been added for the double-barreled shotgun and players can now spraypaint handguards, buttstocks and CMAGs.

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A number of new bug fixes were also included, most notably the soothing sounds of the ocean are now quieter, a handful of animation issues have been resolved, items you’ve just used will no longer leave your hands after you’ve used them, if you use an item while something else is already in your hands, you’ll default back to that item afterwards, and finally defib units actually work properly now.

While the update adds a lot of cool stuff, it has also resulted in some major problems between some DayZ servers and the central hive server. The team is currently working with server hosters to fix any issues, but in the meantime here’s a work in progress list of servers that you should probably steer clear of for now, as they’re currently experiencing connection issues.

Other News

Moving on to some #DayZDaily news, the team has started working on a new system to counteract combat logging and server hopping. The way it works at the moment is anytime a player Alt F4s, their character will stay ingame for an extra 10 seconds on top of the default logout time of 30 seconds, which can be increased further with any extra combat logging penalties. During this time you can do anything you want to the player and the results will be saved.

On a different note, server performance has been improved in the latest patch, meaning more zombies will be overrunning Chernarus in the near future, hopefully putting the “Z” back in “DayZ” sometime soon.

You can prepare yourself against the incoming hordes with the Yugo SKS rifle which now supports a stripper clip for faster reloading, which you can look forward to finding in the next patch.

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In other news, Rocket recently did an “Ask me Anything on Reddit”, discussing the development of DayZ as well as his time atop Mount Everest. You can read the full AMA for yourself by visiting the link in the description or check out this brief synopsis written by PC Gamer, which covers some of Dean’s more notable DayZ related comments.

For instance, the team plans to implement a camping system similar to that of Frostfall, a fantastic survival mod for Skyrim, and Bohemia plans to continue rolling out updates for DayZ well after its final release.

Meanwhile, Reddit user JDCole posted this cool concept for contaminated zones in Chernarus, which players would only be able to traverse safely using gas masks or other protective clothing. Irradiated zones would contain high-value loot, but would also put the player at risk of contracting radiation sickness.

Dev team member Brian Hicks replied to the post saying that the team has discussed similar ideas and hinted that it just might make it into the game sometime in the unforeseeable future.

And last but not least, you’ll be able to spraypaint fire axes in the next patch, and Rock Paper Shotgun published an interesting interview between Dead End Thrills and lead map designer Ivan Buchta.