As far as patches go, there were no new updates this week, however there is a big patch scheduled to roll-out sometime on Monday Janurary 20th, under the experimental testing branch.

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Some of the more notable features include the ability to edit the name of your character, new properties columns in the server browser and a new double-barreled shotgun complete with a speedloader and the ability to saw off the barrel using the newly added hacksaw, which can also be used to open canned foods.

The patch also adds spraypaint, 20-round boxes of .357 ammo, hiking pants and different colors of all running shoes to loot spawns, and gives players the ability to pick berries and paint the Mosin using said spraypaint. And finally there’s a new coastal harbor town by the name of Sve- Svet-loy-arsk? I don’t even know.

Sawed-Off Shotgun, Spray paint, Saw & Camo Mosin :

There are also a number of smaller tweaks and bug fixes, for example the respirator now takes up just 1 inventory slot, the hunger system has been rebalanced, saline transfusions no longer restore you to full blood, you can now only carry one empty backpack within a backpack, backpacks revolvers and M4s are more rare, python speedloaders should spawn properly and dead player bodies will be erased 10 minutes after death, among numerous other bug fixes.

Now let’s move on to some #DayZDaily news:

If you’re an avid fan of dedicated server profiling tools, then you’ll be happy to know that the team has some sexy new dedicated server profiling tools, which will help them outline performance more effectively.

Which can only be a good thing when you have over 1 million registered players in just under 4 weeks, a milestone which Rocket and the team celebrated on Monday. And for those who are curious, the 1 and 6-zeroed player is a Russian chap by the name of Gena (Jenna) who created his character and then was almost immediately chopped in half by a survivor named CaptainSkippy. (evil music; screen goes red)

On the bright side, you can look forward to finding the afforementioned IZH43 shotgun and its sawed-off variant.

DayZ Standalone - Sawed off Shotgun

Which will really come in handy when Elektro and Cherno start filling up with a bagillion more zombies in the future.

Chris also mentions that the team is possibly considering adding leg-holsters and the ability to load each barrel of the shotgun individually.

In other news, a Redditor by the name of BIGMaik recently posted an interesting concept for custom player-made gestures, an idea Rocket has taken a liking to and will likely propose at the team’s development roadmap meeting. No promises yet on whether it will actually make it into the game, but it’s a start.

There’s also a small chance of the Mauser C96 eventually making it into the game, thanks to the efforts of community member AP_Norris, and it’s possible inclusion will be discussed with art manager Chris Torchia.

And last but not least, Gamasutra conducted a short interview with Rocket discussing game development, the DayZ community and more.