This week we saw two new patches that were released on Sunday January 5th and Monday January 6, the former of which added balancing of player spawns, the ability to open canned food using the M9130 bayonet, BattlEye Anti-Cheat for both server and client and initial implementation of sub-private server hives and seperate public hives for regular and hardcore servers.

Each patch also contains a number of bug fixes which should resolve player rubberbanding, some security vulnerabilities and the long delay in moving and using items in the inventory screen.

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In addition, according to project leader Dean “Rocket” Hall, another big performance bug was discovered which can also create rubberbanding and other bugs, and a possible fix is currently in closed testing.

Moving on to more #DayZDaily news, let’s see if you can name this new gun model that’s being worked on by Art Manager Chris… times up, it’s the Yugo SKS and it is currently in the works for a future update, so that’s super cool.

Speaking of updates, possibly due in an upcoming patch are some changes to the bay of Guba, a port just East of the Northeast airfield, which is being worked on by map designer SenChi.

Leaked DayZ Standalone 3D models

In other news, a new DayZ development blog was published on Tuesday, which basically recaps the previous three weeks since release as well as offers an overview of the current development roadmap, which the team plans to re-evaluate later this month. Topping the team’s current to-do list are server performance, stability and security, wildlife and hunting of animals, cooking and gathering resources, driveable customizable vehicles, player-made constructions, more complex crafting options and environmental interaction, a more streamlined user interface, more fluid controls and animations, upgrades to the graphics and physics engines (including ragdoll) and support for player mods and more flexable server hosting.

The team also states that they do not expect to reach Beta status until at least the end of 2014, which means we’ll probably continue to see this message for some time. As per usual, you can read the full blog entry for yourself by following the link in the description. More information on the DayZ Engine: Dayz Standalone: Ragdoll & Physics

Implementing new Physics Engine

The team is also currently working on implementing new physics middleware by the name of Bullet Physics SDK, which will eventually allow for realistic ragdoll and for items to fall and even roll on the ground.

And last but not least, for those who aren’t already aware, if you buy DayZ while it’s Alpha, you do not need to buy it again when it’s in Beta or full-release; one payment gets you the full game in the end.


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