RULES: There is a total of seven prizes to win (1x Occulus Rift VR V2 pre-order, 1x Nvidia GTX 770 and 5x DayZ Standalone Game).
The giveaway starts on the 11th of June 2014 at 17:00 GMT and finishes on the 18th of June 2014 at 17:00 GMT. There is two ways to take part to the giveaway:
1. Follow @Dayz_TV on twitter (here) and retweet the official giveaway post (here)
2. And/or like the DayzTV Facebook Page (here) and like the official giveaway post (here).
The Twitter or/and Facebook account MUST be at least 2 months old. Participants can get a chance to win one time for each method (so you can basically use Twitter and/or Facebook methods).

WINNERS: Winners will be picked randomly using for Twitter and for Facebook. There is only one winner possible per prize. To determinate which social network method will be chosen to win singles gifts (Occulus Rift VR V2 and nVidia GTX 770) the "Coin Flipper" from will be used with parameters: Flip [1] virtual coin of type [Todd Redden's Decision Maker Coin]. If result is "DO IT!" then Twitter will be chosen, or if the result is "THE HELL WITH IT" Facebook will be chosen.

NOTE: The Occulus Rift© Development Kit 2 has not been released yet. This prize is a pre-order version of the product. According to the Official FAQ the product should be shipped near July 2014.