Well – is it just my imagination or have the zombies been tampered with one too many times – again.

No hordes anymore from what I have seen in the stable patch….zombie aggro massively changed…..I am taking an axe to one zombie and another five yards away just stands there with its back turned completely oblivious to our presence.

On a number of occasions I have fired a shot at a zombie and not a single other zombie has turned up in response to the noise.

If zombies remain as they are then the game is taking a backward step.


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    You new to dayz?

    If you fallowed the game for a while you know the zombies right now are really good. Its no the zombies that is a big issue anymore.

    I think zombies feels kinda like from the mod and thats really good.

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    I think they’ve really stepped it up with zombies.
    • There may be no hordes, but so many zombies can spawn in now.
    • Zombies ignoring you when they have their back to you is working as intended: the devs made their AI so that you could sneak around it if you stay out of their sight or stay low. You can crouch run in front of zombies that might have seen you if you where standing.
    • I’ve never had zombies ignore loud shots, are you sure there where any other zombies even around? Also, silenced weapons work properly again, and do not aggro zombies. It is so useful in later stages of gameplay to have someone in your group with a silent weapon designated for taking out zombies in your path, it’s so cool.

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      Hmmm, there may no hordes but so many zombies can spawn in? Doesn’t make any sense – if there are so many spawning in then where are the hordes?

      Yes I understand I can sneak by a zombie if I am careful – but I was fighting a zombie who was making his usual noises etc within a few yards of a zombie who just stood there with his back to all the noise oblivious to what was going on. Not at all realistic.

      I have killed zombies with unsilenced weapons twice and no other zombies were provoked to investigate.

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        Nothing nonsensical about it. Instead of making hordes, they decided to concentrate on having a lot at a time spread throughout a town/city for this update. The hordes will come, we have wolves for now.

        I also think a melee weapon is considered silent. And voices certainly don’t count. They moan and growl all the time when passive.

        Strange about the last ones, never not aggroed zombies with a unsilenced gunshot. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

  • I’ve been running into zombies that are inadvisable, the last 2 days I ran into 3 of them at military bases. Anyone else having this problem?

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    they have stepped the infected up i have made noise and had three chase me several times you have to remember these arent the living dead so they are a little differant . zombies would be slow lumbering but be brutaly strong and headshots would be the only way to put them down, I would like to see larger hoards but that may hit the server performance again and we would be back to square one ,,,

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    worst zombie of all the games i see