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I dont know if this has been suggested before…

I was just running in chernarus to a better loot location and decided to take a shortcut through the woods. The sun was slowly setting and fog started to appear as i entered the forest. Got kinda creepy being alone in the forest and started to get a little paranoid since my vision was not that good anymore. Was constantly watching whats around me ( I was in quite a populated area ). As it got even more darker an idea occurred to me. Wouldnt it be horrifying if creepy fast zombie with with some sort of screeching sound would run at you? Maybe have its eyes glowing aswel or something like that.

These creepy zombies i think also should appear randomly at times when its dark, foggy  or both in heaviy forest areas. Also they would be faster then humans and maybe not engage at you on sight some sort of stalking to them aswel. Like you might spot them but you have time to run away fast as they slowly try to stalk you and engage when they are close to you if you dont notice them. Maybe you spot them and they dont engage every time just to strike fear into you and just remind you it is out there..something like that. ISNT THAT A SCARY THING TO HAVE IN DAYZ??  Also this ” zombe monster ” would keep players out of the forest a little more so the camps people build and make wont be so easily raided. also would kinda force people to work more in groups as that zombie can easily kill you when you are alone.

Thanks for the read hope you like my idea.


  • because they are not zombies. they are infected people and they are alive. theres no zombies in this game. if you want a game like that, go to cod zombies. I hope the infecteds will be a real threat in the future forcing player to coop 🙂

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      zombies…infected whatever. i refer to them like the other 90% of community.
      This suggestion has nothing to do with cod. Mainly suggested that due to my experience in the forest and making nights and forests more scary and intense. About thoes zombies http://dayz.gamepedia.com/Zombie there is a wiki aswel…it states that they all behave in approximately the same fashion and have roughly the same capabilities. But why not add something a little out of the ordinary to the game? Maybe the virus affected him/her differently due to being able to resist the virus that they are infected with for a longer time? or being more aggressive in he’s/her’s past life or something?

      a question to you aswel? what exactly makes this suggestion bad? why is it that adding something like what i suggested to the game a bad idea? I still think it would be scary to know that something like that is out there when walking in the even denser forests they are currently working on.

      • I imagined a glowed eye zombie running like crazy and screaming and that’s cod zombies for me… I dont see this game that way because there’s nothing paranormal in it like ‘zombies’. Only sick angry people (btw I dont care what they are ;)). But it’s true that we need more of them in forests, I’ve made a post in the forums asking that a year ago.

  • I forgot the first part of my comment lol. It’s a bad idea.

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    Hi AK,
    Hey bro don’t listen to this idiot….He thinks he knows everything…
    I, personally, Enjoyed your suggestion…Damn right, DayZ currently missed something named”FEAR” the game isn’t scary yet…But it will be in the future…As the devs said…
    Actually before 0.61 it was only a few zombies @ towns….At this moment(means 0.61) it just got better since we’ve got more zombies(infected, anything…)@ towns and also wolves around fields….But you are right…it is currently toooooooooooo low amount of them….But They will fix it….

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      thanks for the reply 🙂 glad you liked my suggestion. Also there was a time in dayz where there was no zombies at all :O been following development of it for quite some time now. 🙂 but i hope to see maybe not ALOT more of them but to see them as scary and a huge threat. Quality over quantity!