Hey guys did you find some of these animals on 0.60 and 0.61 ?

if yes share it pls and iam sry about the quali from these old pics (old pc)


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    with friends we though we have heared one or two foxes in experimental but wheren’t able to find them ( tracking them by the sound they made )

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    I have not seen goats, sheep , pigs, boars or foxes.
    Some animals like the pigs and boars are scattered over the DayZ map provided by this site. I am hoping for the return of the fox, because that little fella gave me my biggest scare ever in this game. Unannounced it’ll give this cry as if you stepped on it’s tail, it frightened shocked me severely. I now collected all types of meat before the recent experimental wipe for my own personal BBQ. I caught and shot Rabbit, Chicken. Wolf, Cow and Deer. Got some Kiwi’s from our New Zealand’er Zombie/Infected and 2 Apples to complete out the natural foods that exist to lose out on having that BBQ because of the wipe. Will start again.

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    wow so iam one of the few how caputre them all ?

    they are so rare yeah ?

    btw what do you guys think about the new sounds from deers and wolfs

    and a other question are there only these 2 types of animals in the experimental and maybe

    in the 0.61 stable ?