Really? After 5 years after release there are still hackers in your game? Me and my mate just threw 20 hours each into our characters, got full ghillie suits, fully equipped guns and plenty of food and water. And we both, at the same time, get him by an invisible force (maybe an axe) and we both die. My friend has uninstalled and I will do so myself. We will never redownload your game, well, game is a bit too good for you. We will never download your money making scheme again. Thanks for 905 hours of buggy glitchy shit. Maybe I’ll see you in fortnite or PUBG one day, in which I hope I kill you.

HawkEye out!


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    Finally fed up after 905 hours, huh? And after 905 hours you’re still clueless as to how game development works. Why would they spend countless hours polishing each release to get the hacks out, only to break everything with the next patch? Good riddance, noob who uses ghillie suit in .62.