Aaaalright, so I’m just wondering why does it take so long to release an experimental update. Months pass while waiting for experimental updates, not even stable updates. I mean comparing it to other alpha games the progress of DayZ is pretty slow.

Just a plus, on my personal opinion, it is really cool and exciting to see new items coming in game and stuff but, honestly, I think the dev team should focus on more basic stuff like:

1. Erasing persistence problems: since this feature was added to the game it always had little problems in every update so I think they should focus on solving that.

2. Animation system: dying from falling 0.5mts? I think that happened to all of us at least once. Personally I think that characters should be able to interact much more with the enviroment. Doing things like climbing medium walls even with a friend’s help, being able to get down those walls without falling I mean like grabbing from the edge of the wall and the dropping, being able to fire pistols while climbing a ladder (that’s a little crazy action movie one I know), climbing on a tree, sit in the back of the Chasis V3S, shooting from a car (not like GTA but you know), when walking or running when you stop I feel like it should be more natural like the character looking around or scratching, stuff like that, also the wounded animations, objects that roll or move more naturally when on the floor and being able to push them or kick them (for example, the arrows vs cars on 0.60, it’s just something crazy, and not as I remember it wasn’t only arrows that make cars flip or fly, any medium object would cause the car to crash into it like gas canisters or stuff like that, that’s why I’m saying this to either push the objects or break them), etc etc.

Also I’d like to see little things that would be cool to see like clothes gettin dirty, being able to clean/wash them, putting up the hoodie on a raincoat (always wanted to do this lmao), roll up sleeves on a shirt or a jacket, being able to see the magazines when you reload lmao, needing tools to change attachments, being able to cook more elaborated food like rice for example where you need to boil water with the rice in a cooking pot, remake the melee combat system to make it feel a little bit more realistic and exciting like swingin axes more naturally not always in the same pattern and even throwing melee weapons, being able to take down someone from the back like grabbing their neck and put a knife on their neck or a gun on their head or even break their neck with your own bare hands or asfixiate them to death, do certain actions when freezing or melting, make cold weather deadly again, INTRODUCE SNOW PLEASE, etc etc resuming all I think that’d make the gameplay more cool.

3. Construction and destruction: THIS is something that I’ve been waiting a lot for. Being able to construc barricades, cover windows with planks and constructing actual bases is an idea that I think it’s essencial for this game. Also taking down fences or posts or anything that you could break in real life or even move them to build something or break it down into materials would be cool .ALSO, it’s URGENT to be able to push away or break fences or wodden walls or chairs or whatever with cars, its freaking annoying when you ruin your car by running into a tiny invisible fence.

4. Transportation: I have to be honest, I’m tired of running over 1000 hours of gameplay and getting a car working is damn hard, first because of the amount like comoen it’s a 225km2 map and you only put 20 vehicles, it doesn’t make sense, like all this people living in Chernarus didn’t just run around the map to get to a point I’m pretty certain of it AND EVEN SO they’d use the train, which should be implemented too, so I definetely think there should me more vehicles and mix them in towns, not like only trucks in this town and only sedans in this town AND TRAINSSS. The implementation of new vehicles is not something that I’m really excited about BUT I do want the bicycle to be implemented or the motorcycle. CRAZY THOUGHT: a delta wing would be nice or parachutes WHICH LEADS TO aerial vehicles! I’d love too see this in game, like helicopters and small planes.

If you reached this far in the post, thanks for reading all of this! REMEMBER these are just my thoughts, if you have some other interesting thoughts I’d love to hear them.


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    I wish the developers would be more interactive with their alpha testers. I mean the star citizen devs are all about keeping their backers updated on what they’re doing. Dayz on the other hand is the complete opposite releasing ghost patches with stuff we don’t know about or wtf is going on with development anymore. Bohemia Interactive? more like Bohemia anti socially active :p. I just want choppers and base building that they promised last summer and now it’s over.

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    For the most part I agree with this. Moving forward with the new engine in, the key is actually over the next few builds, are they going to get released on time/schedule? DayZ definitely has significant slippage in delivery of builds (at times), each slip has a cumulative effect. When you look at what each build delivers (at the moment), you can see that proper barricade building, proper stable/workable transportation is at least 6 months off, at least. I do not see this game as going into an Alpha build until mid next year, only then will all the bugs start to be worked on. And you are spot on in regards to transportation – I’m really sick of running everywhere, just put bikes in ASAP..

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    Sounds alot like the mod days. Cool ideas!

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    Actually, i might be wrong but i did a quick Wikipedia search once and considering dayz is about 2 years and a half into developpment and that they had to basically restart a year in if i remember correctly, they are not slow.

    Of all the games i had a list of most were made in a 3-4 years period and already had an engine to work with. However considering the fact that they planned a console realease they are not fast either. For instance gears of war (i dont remember wich one sorry) was made in about 3 years including the engine, it was kind of a Directx showcase for consoles. And with with a team of around sixty people (small team).

    Now back to dayz. Dayz is basically being made by fanboys and although i do not doubt they are very professional they might not really know what they want and ” waiste” some time in planning phases ( this is pure speculation, it is what i sense from the live streams) .

    Also this is a bohemia interactive game and therefore the devs work directly for the company. A company wich is more into simulation game engines more than actual ” games ”. And dayz seems like a chance for the company to create a new engine more suited for the game industry in its current state. So i suspect the devs to be working on the engine first and then showing us some bits that will make dayz better from time to time.

    And finaly( promess im done after this) ” pre alpha” dev strategy seems kind of new in the industry and maybe bohemia is having problems adopting this new practice.

    Any way all i just said is just speculation, i appologise for my bad english and PLEASE correctme if i sayed stupid stuff.

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    Most of the stuff you mentioned is already getting developed…Also, trains? Really? Yeah, nice one. Makes heaps of sense.

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      “Why is the development of DayZ so slow? Plus ideas”

      Pretty sure it is, but as you can see in the title, just asking why does it take SO long to develop it.

      And yes it actually makes a lot of sense, don’t know if you’ve noticed but there are train tracks around the whole map and of course train stations 😉

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        Trains make no sense because you wouldn’t be able to find all of the fuel and stuff you would need to sustain one after the apocalypse. It’d just be a big waste of your time. Also, you would have to follow those train tracks specifically…which would make you a huge target and you would be killed within minutes after busting your ass to get everything needed to even travel from one station to the next.

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    Most of this is on the way. As for the vehicles, I really hope dayz remains hardcore. Vehicles, weapons and whatever resources should be really hard to come by. The devs have also communicated they want a hardcore game, even more so than the game we see today. Good thing is, if you disagree, there will be mods witj more accessible resources.

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    All these things you mention is being worked on. I sat back and thought about DayZ development the other day and to me they are actually not that far off from a Beta build. Sure there are tings broken and development feels slow, but what is provided to me is still a fan-f’ing-tastic game.
    I am saying they are not far off from Beta goal, because if you think about it the biggest hurdle was done, The entire engine, all that remains there is tweaks and corrections. To me only two big hurdles remain and currently it is the

    1 Sound that is as I understand almost done. It’s been incorporated into 0.61 and they just want every weapon to work correctly on the sound before they give it to us. 9 Weapons are complete allready and that was two weeks ago.

    2 Player controller. It sounds like a biggy. All new animations and control system. I’ve followed this closely for a long time, remembering the clips of characters jumping off of one plus story heights, crawling out from rolled vehicles, Little dance routine, playable rock paper scissors etc etc.

    Off all the coming patches this is the one I wait for the most.
    After these two it is basically just ad dons and releases of weapons, vehicles and equipment for base building and other miscellaneous gear and stuff .
    They’ve just released a video the other day where a developer was building and breaking down a wall. It is almost done, working and it looks good, but I understand that the devs only want to release those things when we have a player controller playable that can satisfy us.
    I am happy to wait for those things. Broken as it may be now, DayZ is still the best game I ever played and will be for a very long time.

    My only gripe is that it feels like there are too many controls to be bound, saying so because unfortunately I am one of those that can not play with the WASD keys. Started computer gaming rather late and the fact that those damn W and S keys are not aligned flips me out, but that is my problem and I sorted my control setup out very good and I have been happy with it for thousands of DayZ hours. I am sure I am not the only one with this problem though.

    The train idea is not a bad one, but who would power it in this world. There is no power anymore, it is not a steam train. I have also dreamed about having a train pass every hour from north to south and then back, stopping at stations for 2 minutes then moving forward again, the risk of catching a train while it could be ambushed, lasting a two minute fire fight to escape your attackers etc, but what would it do to an all ready busy engine.
    I too have ideas off what would be fun additions, Like a very old cruise liner ship that never anchored in the apocalypse, bobbing along the open and VERY unused ocean, never static at one point, like moving slowly where ever a tide could take it. Too fart out to swim, but a raft could get there. Construct one and you could then be rewarded with some of the scarcest riches out there. It would get some guys to really use the map for once. Today the ship is out across Berezino, four hours later it is south of Skalisty island.
    That is my thought for a good idea, but till something like that could happen I will patiently wait for what ever the Devs give me as I love this game And I would’nt want them to rush it.
    Oh last note. I don’t see this as a game build anymore, but an experiment to perfect a future coming game. I always tell my friends that if this game finishes and it turns out to be good, REALLY GOOD, the next ARMA’s will definitely be based off of what they have achieved.
    Excuse mistakes made in this comment