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No matter what time of day, or what servers I play on. Everyone wants to kill me. I just take a stroll, then some sniper kills me. I walk around near the coast, boom 3 people gang up and stab me. Its been like this for 200 hours now, finding it hard to play if you cant find a way to incentives team work within strangers, it feels silly for me to come on here and ask you to be more friendly has a community but surely there’s more to it than just shooting new spawns, and killing everyone on sight.

Huh who am I kidding there’s no one left in this game that is friendly.


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    I’ve just started playing DayZ again after a year away. Actually I think it is better now, I find more friendly players than I used to.. However I have no problem understanding your view. It’s an unfriendly environment. Anyway, here are my tips for making allies in DayZ:

    *The more military/high tier Equipment you have, the bigger target you are..
    *Try to make new “friends” while you have crap gear, then gear up together and have some fun. If you have much better gear, you’re likely to get backstabbed.
    *If you approach someone with gun in hand, you are a threat. If you have your gun raised.. well..
    *Do you have a mic? If not, then you’re very unlikely to find someone to work with. Decisions have to be made quickly in DayZ, having to wait for someone to type an answer is not good..
    *Some players are out there just to kill ANYONE, fully geared players on the coast usually means trouble, keep away! Those players are generally too scared to pick a real fight at the mil camps, and enjoy hunting fresh spawns wielding a bandage..
    *If you manage to start a conversation without getting killed, try to guess the age of the other guy. There seems to be some correlation between older and somewhat more friendly..


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    wow i got only 90 hours 😀 and i find only friendly player so you do some weird things i guess

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    Yeah, you probably shouldn’t just “take a stroll” in a survival game where anyone could be your enemy.
    There are plenty of friendly people. For the most part, they keep hidden and don’t go wandering around like headless chickens in areas that are known PvP hotspots like the major coastal cities and military areas.

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    I tried looking for PVE servers but experimental none atm and 0.60 well hardly anyone on the pve servers. Dont judge how i play the game, i don’t roll around high tiered or near the military bases, and on the coast well its hard to move away if you spawn at them 3/4 of the time…. and 200 hours isnt alot to you, but to me its quite a few, it would be more had i found more friendlier faces, but i have only found 4 who play on US central time, and thus i cant play with them.

    I agree from 0.59 to 0.61, the playerbase has gone from shoot on sight, to more ignorant in a ttacking others thanks to noise, and ever pressence of more zombies. I do play with a microphone and talk alot even when there’s no one around, (albeit not like i am talking to anyone just thinking out loud over mic…) I hardly ever get close enough to military zones to get military geared, and the firearms i usually wield are low class pistols (Amphibia seems to be my only companion, or an empty trumpet/repeater). I don’t have them out unless I take out zombies (because I don’t ever get a chance to shoot at humans, anyway).

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    If you’re in experimental, there are 3 major reasons:

    1. Every time they release a new patch, your character is wiped. So there’s no point in playing in a typical survival style, as everything you’ve gathered will be gone every other day.

    2. With the addition of the new weapon sounds, the noticeable improvement in desync, and the lack of vehicles, you’ve gained both a strong reason to PvP, and less of a goal for survival.

    3. There are no private or player owned servers, so there are no communities with mods to enforce to rules.

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      I guess but its annoying and slow i wish the game would hurry up with mod support and community server control. It be cool if they actually added a NPC AI that would be bandit in style to take down as well… It be more fun in a PVE sort of role but all this waiting…

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        Try Arma 3’s Exile mod. Similar style to dayz BUT with these servers if they have scripts added in you get NPC AI’s that can act as bandits/survivors also you can get missions to complete and even downed heli with gear in them. Ive been experimenting with some Exile servers on each of the maps (Chernarus/Altis/Tanoa) and they all have different aspects that make this mod one to go for. Mind you though with the chernarus map ported to Exile its the old dayz mod chernarus map. Until dayz is completed you wont see any up-to-date versions of this map on A3 Exile or any other mods that utilise Chernarus.

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    Man I here you I simply hate being kill getting a drink of water, waiting for my pumpkins to grow or fishing……….I only play on PVE servers like US3

  • Because.. people who play it a lot are bored. For them, it’s mostly a game to score the most amount of kills. There’s a reason they have guns etc. – it’s meant to be shooted.

    Personally I don’t kill fresh people because.. I don’t want to show my position. Im more concerned about real survival – no kill few people then die because you’re shooting everyone without being hidden. I hate dying in DayZ and because I have no friends to cover up my gear after I die, I wouldn’t do something as dangerous as shooting a target who doesn’t have ammo/gun that I would need. I mostly want to compete with players who can compete with me and bambie can’t.. well unless he gets too close. Too many people wanted to punch me to death while I just had civilian weapon. That’s why I always run to the building when someone attacks me with a meele weapon – I can shoot him when he chase through the doors and he can’t dodge it because he has to pass that door frame.

  • Well, if you would not like to be killed out of nowhere u could try going onto PVE servers or RP Servers