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Hey guys I need some help,

can someone look over my computer specs an tell me what I am doing wrong and why I am getting such SH**TY frames?

I am running an AMD FX-8150 Eight-core 3.60Gz

8G total RAM

64 bit (don’t think that matters for my problem)

I have a GTX 640 installed right now, I know that’s kind of outdated and I plan on putting a 970 in soon. but can that be making my game drop that low of FPS? I have talked with my buddies and they cant understand either, I have watched tons of videos, tweaked my launch settings, my in game settings, my settings in the Dayz files(and changed them to read only to test out, i know that if you dont the game will just change them back) even installed the dayz frame booster. i have the computer running all 8 cores on high performance. I have also updated the Graphics files VIA the Gforce program.

i just need to know if its something on my computer hardware that is making it so bad or if there is something I am doing wrong in the software side of it ..




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    Something to do with AMD processor’s. I have the same problem, AMD FX-8320 8 Core Black Edition Processor and a GTX 970. I only get 22 Frames on Arma 3 and DayZ. But when I have an i3 I got around 38 fps. This should be fixed in 0.60 hopefully.

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    I think youll find that even players with much better cards like the 970 also get crappy frames at times. I would look into what programs start up with windows also and see what you may be able to disable (obviously programs that are not essential). I mean ya got a half decent processor and that shouldnt be causing any problems. 8 Gb of ram should also be more than enough to run the game. I have a feeling IF you have got every single setting pushed up on max then that may be partly the cause. I do know with DayZ that the HDR setting can be the biggest problem and I would suggest leaving that on “low” as it wont make much difference to visual quality. Also another tip is to use the new ui as this can add around 10 FPS to what you currently have and that may make all the difference.

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      I have most of my settings on normal or low, i even went an changed everything to low an the highest i went was 37fps, I have the HDR set to very low, clouds disabled, terrain on low, textures on normal, nothing is on high, do you think if i reinstall the game it might fix it? thats the last thing i could try, i checked all my running programs when dayz is on and ill close all programs that don’t need to be open, its just day using like 20% of the CPU and the next highest is the system settings using like maybe 5%

      I’m stumped i get maybe 25fps in the woods an towns drop me to like 10-15

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    And also depends where you are for example, bigger cities have really low fps compared to smaller cities. I have i3 3.7Ghz (2 cores) , 4Gb ram (ddr 3), Gtx 750 Ti. So yeah i am running outside the cities 30-100 fps. In cities 25-35 fps. On Medium-High settings.

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    AMD Phenom II X4 @3ghz
    8gb ddr3 1600 MHz
    KFA v2 GT 740 GDDR5

    I used to run this game on a dual core 2.2 laptop (don’t run away !)
    I used every available tweak I could find. Since upgrading rig ive applied the same settings and omg..
    View dis=2600
    pref dis =1800
    scene complexity -200/300

    I run textures/filtering v high (read that anything below high puts it onto the CPU)
    then it seems the rest is down to your GPU(obects/terrain up to you). My steam profile has screens of how I play atm and thay is round about 40/60 in open/light areas and a good 30 in all others. These dayz I don’t even run frame counter. Also I found disabling page file when playing seems to help the write of this game is nuts O.o