So first of all, yes you probably don’t care where iv’e been. That’s fine.

You may or (more than likely) may not have seen some of my videos on DayZ’s homepage a few times. I stopped making videos during 0.59 as the game was getting impossible to play against hackers and DayZ was at one of it’s lowest points due to hackers/glitchers ect..

But here is 0.60. A new beggining. I will be making videos once again which I have really missed doing.

All the videos you may have seen in the past have all been recorded live from my twitch! (yes I stream like almost everyone else does!) as you probably figured out i’m a small streamer 112 followers to be exact! 😉

But enough of that.. I will be back creating youtube content asap and I stream live every night 10:30pm-00:30am. I can’t stream for long as I have a full time job and IRL commitments! But i really want this to work out for me! 🙂

If anyone could drop by and leave a follow on my twitch it would absolutely make my day 🙂

Lots of love, ya boy RS 🙂