I am having trouble finding tents on .60. Any suggestions?


I have looked in the normal apartments that are north of Cherno. The apartment buildings that are northeast of the northwest airfield.


Also, I\’m having an issue with overheating, it continually spams that I\’m overheating even if I am in the ocean. Any useful tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Tents: Apartment blocks in the North.
    Overheating: Maybe bug…if not get rid of all your close go for a swim. Put your pants and shoes on (no top, or head…take your top in the hands while walking). Walk, dont sprint or jog. Try to go (walk) to the higher ground (green mountain etc.) you should be cooling off soon.

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    You can find tents in the appartment buildings in West Novodmitrovs, Severograd, and Novaya Petrovka. And you can find military tents in military barracks.
    For overheating, just pull off all your clothes (except your backpack) and you can run like hell, the hyperthermia will slowly decrease…
    Good luck Survivor !