This is where sadly 59 was better than 60

Well, I’ve been wanting to put this up a while, but never though dark pictures would get a views needed until I saw my Night school and Half Life feel pics got the absolute most likes for me ever.

I have been collecting blood spatter pattern pics a while (sadly losing most with a PC wipe) to one day find in horror the Devs took away the ability to get them back.
As you can see the luminous blood glowing in .59 (and earlier) and then now the dull dead black (realistic though) colors. It was an Easter egg of sorts to me and it was difficult to get then, even having to play with the light and angles a little. Bottom right pic out of shape a bit, but I just can not get that feel or setting right and the blood no way illuminates like it did in 59. Hope you get the picture!

All houses have horror blood spatter secrets!

Also to note, I am eerily wondering what that damn head shadow is (circled in yellow). Maybe another Easter egg. Could not possibly be the character shadow as she has a pony tail and if the nose shows, so too should the tail plus the angle is all off