So there are 2 things i would love to see in this game and i am sure they have been talked about but not seen any thing lately

only on players that have been alive for 15 mins

so when you get killed in dayz if its not a head shot in 3 mins or so your body should come back as a Z with every thing  items on body .but nothing in hands or gun on back

this would be so cool to walk around some where with alot of pvp  to find new Zs with loot and not sure if its a real player or a z you see … ? is that a Z or player still? …

its all so adds to the game is a friend has to kill a old friend they was just with or why looting a body it comes to life

2 thing . big box stores  . i know there not walmarts over there but well just say some thing as big that you can go inside but the lights are out and its hard to see . where talking lots of room with a big parking lot with lots of cars so every 1 is not trying to go to the airfield or tents . a real large airport and many of the things missing form the may that would make it feel so real

i would love to see more of this then more types of  gun . this map is only 85x miles so there is really only so many types of guns you would find in real life in that space