I’d like to see the Devs try harder on stopping the things most all of us do that ultimately ruin this game.

Apple spam: destroys all players need to loot for the sake of food, cook food, risk ones LIFE trying to find food. This needs to go ASAP

Eating spam. This just makes the above worse when a player can eat 15 apples in a minuet

Suicide Glitch: I know I’m going to get ALOT of haters on this one, but when a player can DIE and respawn enough times until they are near their body to recover their gear… I don’t think this is how the Devs thought this game should be played. It needs to go.

One spawn location per login. If the above recimendation is too difficult to implement in a timely manner, at least force each player to have ONE spawn point. Meaning, each time you log into a server, you will be givin ONE random spawn point IF you die, and every time you die, until you leave the server. This will encourag players to start over, rather than try to recover loot.

We never need to sleep? We never grow tired or sleepy.

What happened to the Zombies from Christmas? The REAL ONES? The ones that made you second guess shooting a fresh spawn for fun, because having 10 Zeds hunt down your gun shots just isn’t worth the problems. The ones that evened the playing field for fresh spawns when confronted with a costal bandit with gear. This isn’t Call of Duty, this is a post apocalyptic ZOMBIE survival game… what’s happened to this game?




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    While I agree with everything else, I think the zombies are great right now. They can’t be undrestimated, I’ve seen them screw over a lot of players foolish enough to shoot without thinking.
    And sleep? What are you talking about, why would we need that?

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    @RMDetho: Thanks for the feed back. That said, you might want to tone down the “idiots/stupid/dumb” comments. You come off immature and condescending. I’m aware that the Devs want everyone to call their bots “infected” not sure why, but I’d rather not. Feel free to sheep along with their requests if you’d like.

    As for the apples, you get my point: ditch the trees altogether. Got it?

    As for sleep/ not getting tired… yeah, sorry but not getting wore AT ALL is one of the hardest parts of this game to believe… Unless you’ve never been out of the house for more than a few hours at a time 😉.
    As for the spawn points.. you get the point: I’m focusing on a temporary solution to the suicide glitch.

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    It’s good people are still complaining about these things, because yeah, they need to be fixed.
    They will be and I agree on all your points. Especially the food/die thing.

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    the one thing i would like to see them FIX or look into improving is the visual distance where everything disappears ghillie suits and other camo is useless untill they do , in my opinion the devs are padding everything due the the kids whining that the game is to hard the infected are to hard to get away from stuff like that … its survival its supposed to be hard as hell i kinda miss the difficulty but as i play i write down what i would fix or what needs to be looked at i have a very long list lol . im not a kos guy i stay hidden and survive any way good luck and have fun

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    How can we take you seriously if you don’t even know that there are no zombies in DayZ,only infected people. :/
    Zombies are undead, these folks just have a virus that makes them aggressive and you, as a player, are immune to it. At very least, you could learn the lore of the game, I’ll get to this at the end of my post, but keep reading.

    n the other points I mostly agree, except..
    Apple trees clearly show hundreds of apples on branches. If you have to “search the tree for apples” 15 times before picking one, it doesn’t make the game balanced, it makes the character a blind idiot. This should be remade so each tree has a finite VISIBLE amount of apples that can be picked and a timer to respawn an apple so if you come across an apple tree that has 5 apples, you pick 5, 6th picking results in “nothing found” and that’s it, you move on.
    Same goes for the damn stones, you can see literally hundreds of them but character fails to pick one up because…???

    As for eating, this makes sense, and the “stomach” element of the game logic should be altered to give energy over time, not instantly. hunger should be tied to stomach capacity instead of energy level and as stomach depletes you gain energy. this would’ve been a better solution than what it is now. Tiredness should be the negative side of energy levels.. because if you don’t have energy to do something means you’re tired.

    Suicide glitch is a glitch.. it will be fixed with the new player controller. there’s no need for devs to work on this just for it to be replaced in months to come.

    One spawn per player is a dumb concept as people can then just camp at the place where they spawned, make a camp even and then just respawn to get their loot if they die. This should work exactly opposite, that the player spawns across the map so that they can’t retrieve their loot.. also what should be added is group spawning, that if players start playing together and they’re friends on steam, they should spawn close to each other (eg. they got in chernarus together on the same boat thus they should be relatively close)

    Sleeping point is stupid. Lets say you spawn tired and need to sleep and that makes you want 4,5,6,7 hours of IN-GAME time for your character to rest? It’s ridiculous.. same goes for concepts like taking a piss/shit, etc.

    To answer your question at the end.. Meta happened, and kids and idiots coming from CoD and battlefield happened and people coming from ArmA happened, or people from DayZ Epoch and other PvP oriented mods happened.. You started calling Infected zombies because other equally dumb and plot-wise uninterested people call them zombies. Go to youtube and search for DayZ and 90% of videos you’ll find are “1v3 SQUAD REKT” “100 KILLS MONTAGE” “SQUAD WIPE IN STARY” “TNX FOR THE GEAR NOOBS” “GOT MYSELF A GHILLIE FROM A GUY I KILLED” videos and that’s it.. and then you get people to watch these kind of videos and join the game. Apply “Monkey see, monkey do” attitude and you’re left with a 60 people on a server that consider infected, or “zombies” just a pain in the as and they’re only there to hit the first military outpost so they get a weapon and start shooting anyone and everyone. Humanity concept from the Mod was completely wiped out and even if it were applied here we’d all have the “Bandit” status, but there are no real bandits in the game.. Bandits would knock you out, tie you up, steal your shit and let you go, now you just have a bunch of idiots running and gunning thinking they’re bandits just because they believe that Bandits are supposed to play DayZ like it’s a CoD Free for All match and that’s pathetic. Only reason why a geared to the teeth guy should be on coast is to share his loot with fresh spawns to help them get on their feet.. Nobody wins from a situation where such a guy kills somebody that literally just spawned, and thanks to the bad player locomotion such fresh spawns try to go for the kills instead of succumbing to the superiority of geared guys.

    One time I was held up by a guy with nothing but a shirt on me but he didn’t tie me up and had no idea I was hiding a loaded derringer inside and the moment I had my chance I pulled it out and shot him.
    That is an example of a good and interesting situation against a geared guy while being held up, not running around like an idiot in circles avoiding bullets because the other guy, like everyone, has low fps and has a hard time keeping track of your movement because of the player desync. This doesn’t make anyone a “better player”, since they’re just abusing the game faulty mechanics to pull off something they shouldn’t be able to do.

    Enough of my rant, if you actually read all of this, my hat off to you, and I really do hope that you did.

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      Your rant is the exact picture that goes on in my mind too. People that play dayz think it’s battle royale and I hope dayz doesn’t go down that path because it has so much potential. The whole reason for me switching from console to xbox was to play dayz because I watched frankie be a hero in dayz mod. Sadly I don’t know if heroes still exist in this cold dayz world, everyone has gone mad and everybody wants to fight to the death nowadays. Also newer players are more friendly than vets that know the kos meta and dayz needs new players.