Mamathar Fresh Spawn 2 years ago

Hello to everyone reading this. I created this post to ask for assistance from our  beloved DayZ team. My question is why the zombies can hit me from 5m and i cant hit them with baseball bat from 1m. Another thing, why it takes so long to make update. Third question, why the team of DayZ doesnt make monthly updates to make the game live. The game is in alfa from 2013, so 4 years. Another question why the devophers of the game dont work hard on this game, cause this game can be on from the best games.


Yeah the engine is little bit shit, the cars too, the loot too. But wait we have new trees and grass and wind and sounds. But no these thing are more important than the physics. Im tired, realy. I quit this game from now for good till i see something to happen in the good healthy way for the game.