Exiovus Fresh Spawn 3 years ago

Hey, Im a long time player of DayZ mod and DayZ standalone, and I understand everyone has their own play style, so I was thinking some cool upgrades for some weapons or changes could be the following,

Picatinny vertical/angled grips for m4 and other weapons with the viable attachments,

Harris Bipod, for rifles like the CR527 or other weapons that have a sling swivel so that a bipod may be attached to these weapons.

Mildot fixed high zoom scope similar to what was on the M24 on DayZ mod,

for weapons I\’d love to see the folliwng.

M24 or similar variant, SV-98, and M16,

I\’d also love to see the pistol scope to be mountable on most picatiny rail weapons such as M4, and CR527


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    also, I think it would be fair balancing to remove the coupled stanag magazine for the m4 and AUG Steyr since they don’t work as intended at the moment anyway besides there are 10/20/30/40 round magazine variants anyway. another thing with the Steyr Scout since it’s going to use 5.56ammo I think it would be fair to have the NATO suppressor as an attachment since it will be a short to medium range sniper rifle and will require 2-3 hits to kill a player.

    these are merely sugestions or my views so please if you disagree don’t go all troll 🙂