Across 5 servers today, I spent most of my day gearing up by myself on no-pop servers. Except, there was little to gear up with. Not public or private hive was there an adequate amount of gear in the slightest. I ended up being at the north-west airfield with a Makarov that had one magazine. 3/5 times I was trying to gear up, I had died due to a shortage of food. Another time I had died to drowning while trying to cool off after overheating. I laid prone in a pond, went to go pee and I guess I drowned. So yeah, was there a change in the loot table or something that caused DayZ to flip a shit?


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    Loot just sometimes suck when I search all NW too and I also died while alt tabbed next to a fire gg.

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    Hi man. I don´t have any information about loot economy changes recently. I think you just have bad luck because i have no problems to gear up in public servers.

    Having said that i think the game should go that way (low amount of gear / food) because it force you to fight to survive, risk to join people and trade and develop the other features in the game (hunting, harvest, fishing, cooking, looting food and not spaming apple trees, etc.)

    Waiting for new information about loot economy changes.