=VX9= Pick Up Game “PUG” #2 “this is PVP”

Time: 8pm est/ 2000hrs

Hello every one I would like to invite you all to a Pick Up Game.
And I bet your asking what a “PUG” is,
A PUG is when a bunch of people get together in one spot and pick teams at random. until no one is left. “this is PVP”
Sort of like middle school lunch basketball, and you were always the last picked,

Match limit is 1.5 hrs long, or until other team is completely dead.
Town will be picked day of event,
we can spawn you at the location at time of the event, and with gear and uniforms.
1v1 teams. maybe 1v1v1 if enough people show up.

no cheating
no harassment, but talk all the crap you can back up with.

bring just your self or your friends, no guarantee you will be on the same team.

=VX9= DAYZ SERVER, use the DAYZSA Launcher.

you will need to be in our ts as well. to separate the teams and be able to talk to every one at the same time.

Please sign up at vx9.com forums under game discussion