Silly question maybe and wrong place, but also maybe good place to start. I hear a lot of complaints of Vilayer stopping their DayZ server hosting. Anybody got news on that AND as to why they stop serving it at all


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    I spoke to the guy who owns the company about 2 weeks ago and he explained as to WHY…its to do with what the other hosts are doing to get around the limitations BI have put in place as regards vilayer servers. Basically each physical box is now only allowed 2 instances of dayz running from them (down from 6 i believe previously). Hosts such as gameservers and fragnet are apparently getting round this limitation by putting 3 VM’s on each physical box then running 2 dayz servers off each VM and hence are in essence still running 6 dayz servers off each box. The owner of vilayer complained about this and hence the reason they have pulled out of hosting dayz servers apparently. Now I cannot guarantee the validity of this reason but this IS what the CEO of vilayer told me when we spoke on the phone.