The Art of Warfare | looking for EU and NA survivors!


The Art of Warfare is a highly organized international gaming community that has been established since 2001 with current active members of 2700+ members in 40+ games has been a settled clan in DayZ for over a year. We currently have 50+ active members in DayZ and are looking for more awesome gamers, to make our regular events even more fun!


What TAW can offer you?

–          Active and organized Squads
–          International community ranging from EU (Europe) to NA (North America)
–          Huge TeamSpeak (Top ranking in the world)
–          A modern Website at (even a more updated one in progress)
–          Forums and Wikis
–          NEWS and articles
–          Shop for some goodies
–          Badges and Medals you can earn within TAW
–          Ranking system for those who like to rank up within the community
–          Around 2 events per week for every time zone that has been planned and worked on by our Field Specialists
–          Tournaments and rewards
–          Lots of other games to play with fully developed teams, just a channel away (List of our UNITS or games can be found here.
–          Members that can help you gear up faster, easier and better!
–          And much more other things that you have been missing out.


Requirements to join:

–          Be able to understand and speak English (Not required to be perfect)
–          Must be willing to use TeamSpeak
–          Have a mic
–          Be Mature (15+ of age only) and respectful to others
–          Be active
–          Have fun!
To join TAW all you have to do is create an account on our website at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are either a casual gamer, hardcore gamer, something in between; TAW might just have a place for you! We even have a full team dedicated to streamers, Designers, Programmers, etc., who like to follow their dreams and do what they like the best apart from gaming all inside TAW!

Why die alone when we can survive together? Check us out now and let’s get you impressed!

Might be interested but have some doubts, questions, or want to have a chat about it first? Allow me to answer them all! Contact me in either of the following contact addresses or comment here:







TAW | VirtualMechanic™

TAW | TheKevlar

TAW | TheMightyArrow



I am looking forward to get you in the Family!

Happy hunting!


TAW | VirtualMechanic™

DayZ EU, Commanding Officer