Are Devs will add vegetation to chernarus map in towns and cities?


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    they said that they will change / improve the vegetation of the game. the forests will be a lot more dense, so that you aren´t able to see a base easily out of the distance. i hope that they will put a lot of effort in it, to see moving trees like in the witcher 3 or the badass looking forests from kingdom come deliverance would be absolutely amazing and this would also improve atmosphere, cause the forests now just look boring and dead. plants and trees in cities are what the game is missing now: apocalypse feeling. guess they will work on it, but by now i dont think this will be seen in the near future.

    but nobody knows how long the zombie apocalypse has been going on, so its possible that it just started a year ago, that means there wont be any trees and stuff in cities, just tall grass. that´s up to the devs.