Keels Fresh Spawn 10 months ago

Hello survivors!

Are you looking for a RP server that also has loads of content? Well, look not further than Vagrants Paradise RP! This server has a working NVG mod, loads of gear ranging from clothing to weapons with the SQUAD MSF-C mod, as well as a fully optimal trader mod! The developers for the server have changed items within the trader mod manually which makes for the best overall experience when selling or buying your desired items.

Along with all of the additional content, this server has one of the most cooperative communities. There are tons of groups for you to join, all with a different play-style. Looking for PvP? This server also has 4 PvP zones for you to get some action in!

If any player needs help, the admins on this server are extremely active. Your issue will be immediately addressed and handled!

Come take a look at the server and stay awhile!