Although a bunch of people may think this is an unserious post i’m 100% serious with this, DayZ is classed as a ‘Survival’ Game so there for i think these 3 things should be added to the game, maybe not so much Pissing and Shitting but more sleeping lol


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    These features do not have much in common with survival. Survival means that you sustain life in a dangerous environment. There are some basic survival elements which nearly every survival game has (hunger, thirst, omnipresent danger (nature, zombie, dinos,…)).

    Even if this features are realistic, they are not necessary for a survival game. It fits more to games of the genre: “life simulation”, like The Sims.

    I could tolerate the sleeping feature for a survival game, but it also doesn’t fit to DayZ.

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    There are actually old animations that are in game data files. You could trigger them at some point (old version bug). As far as I remember, Hicks said during a status report that they are no more considering implementing it, as it’s just “too much”. So we’ll have to wait for mods.

    Will try to dig in and see if I can find it again.

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    I think it would be nice to have the sleeping mechanic, like, let’s say you’re in you base and you need to go afk 20 minutes. You could go up to a tent or a sleeping bag and ” sleep ” in game, during that time you go IRL and make yourself a coffee or fuck your wife or something, and then come back and your character is fully healed, has a little bonus even, but is thirsty and hungry for example. That would work good.

    But i don’t think that pissing and shitting would be an interresting mechanic in this game. But it would be nice to still be able to acess those animations so when you kill someone you can pretend to take a shit on him lmao

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    While it seems to be too much it’s funny to imagine when your character is in middle of gunfight and says “I feel like I gotta go…” LOL Why not add burping, farting, sneezing, etc. Haha! Joking!