Ok, I will admit, I cannot confirm that these are the actual admins, but twice now me and my friend have mauled people, and the server goes down immediately after… First was a lone guy, Military gear in the Two Story Green at the east end of Komarovo, we kill him while he is camping it, and the server immediately goes down… Fair enough… 30 to 45 minutes later in Kamenka, we kill two players that were driving a Sedan… First goes down, no issue… Second goes down, and the server ‘crashes’ within 30 seconds… Both of which had AK weapons and military gear… This server is run by badmins, there was no instability, we could eat and perform inventory actions without delay at the end of them, yet it goes down immediately after killing Military Geared players on two different occasions, on a server with a 12 hour restart? Yea, bullshit. Badmins through and through…



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    yeah I heard you crap talking when you shot me in the car under the bridge.
    None of the peeps you shot were ADMIN and some not even UKA members, the server crashed.. and they were still dead on restart, as for me I was trying to flank before server crashed as you hadn’t seen me, so yeah I was a bit pissed, I was just waiting for my breath before shooting.
    Found your base on respawn, there had to be a reason you were there 😉

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    I saw you first, was getting my breath to shoot you when your oblivious friend walked right past me with his back to me. Funny your account seems fresh on here, new account maybe? You’re a really bad player if you needed to ‘flank’ me, considering I gave you my backside as I went for your oblivious teammate. Still, you could be an admin on a fresh account trying to clear your name, and funny i play on UKA a lot and never had the issue of server crashing, much less twice within seconds of killing players. Vybor spawn forcing were we?

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      that’s where your wrong Dave, you never had eyes on me at anytime you guys were near the fuel station, or at least the one with red bag I saw.
      my 2 team mates got into something with your team and took you away towards the houses.
      new account yeah I’ve only been playing dayz about 5 weeks.

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      ? Vybor force spawn, I’m not sure what you mean by that.
      we were down there as 2 team members were unwell, boar steak not cooked or something.
      I play on lots of varied servers, session lost is not uncommon, I crashed the server the other day by using walkie talkie radios.
      As I said before there were no admins in that fight, and none of us are clan tagged members, we just play on the servers and use UKA TS, very rare I will play with Tagged UKA members.

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    Gentleman Dave, I’m an admin of the UKA servers – HomeStoned is not an admin but he is a member.

    To answer your post though – i’m afraid it’s just a shitty coincidence. Our server’s have been crashing regularly for unknown reasons throughout the day for the past month or so, not only on the server restarts, it affects everyone that plays on the server when it happens – even us.

    I can assure you that as admins and a community we pride ourselves in being strictly against any form of cheating. Firstly, we are a rather large community and we have a reputation to uphold as well as the fact that we want our servers to be as full as possible for as much as possible, each time the server crashes we lose people, so why would we intentionally reset a server for our own gain in the short term when it harms us in the long-run?

    I’m sorry it happened to you but these things happen man, if there’s anything I can help you with I will try and help as you say you play on the server regularly and we don’t want to lose you.


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    Gentleman Dave – I am also an Admin on UKA and if you were as active in our FB group as you claim to be when playing on our servers, then you would already know that we NEVER restart servers when someone gets killed. No one, not even admins, have any ‘extra’ privileges or advantages on our servers.

    It is a fact of DayZ life that servers restart for no apparent reason (it’s an Alpha) and has happened to many groups/communities that we know of, not just UKA. There is also a couple of bugs where players can force a restart by their spamming certain actions in 0.59.

    If you ask around any of the top groups and/or on DayZ Community page, you will find that we have an enviable reputation for playing the game on a very level playing field and bend over backwards to help new players and anyone who has a grievance to sort out their issues.

    It is a great shame that you didn’t check your facts first and contact us direct, rather than shouting ‘Badmins’ and bad-mouthing one of the top DayZ groups in all of the communities. Server messages regularly give a point of contact if you have something to discuss with us.

    As you say you cannot confirm that the players you killed were admins – if you give me your SteamID – 17 numerals starting 7656119**** via the report page on our website: http://www.dayz-uka.co.uk/contact_us.html and the date of the incident, then I will check the logs to discover who died and when the server crashed in detail for you.