Hey guys I’ve got two Qs Can you help me figure them out???

First-This happens every time I’ve got shot…Screen goes blur and never,never gonna be fixed again…I read somewhere that after blood regeneration(that takes 2-3 hours to fully complete again)if you are energized and hydrated a status called HEALING will appear and after a few minutes it says Healthy…I saw this healthy thing only before taking any damages when feed well…But not any Healing status…I s it a bug??Never gonna be healed even after 7hrs playing while feed well…plz help me:)


Second-I’ve found a damaged walkie talkie,Put a damaged battery on it when I turn that on I can switch between direct channel and that Frequency by , and . BUT Meanwhile i’ve found another PRISTINE walkie talkie put another damaged battery in it but in this case it didn’t work,It turns on But can’t switch between channels Which means My Voice not going through thatĀ Frequency,It only goes through direct channel….WHY??BUG again???Pristine wont work but damaged works:|….I have tested two pristine of them…Got no answer….Any Suggestion????

THX for your answer and sry for my English…