You guys should stop whining about dayz, yes they did different than they said and the finishing date is way later than they said it would be. im not defending that that was stupid. but all the other games tried to copy dayz and none done a better job becouse they just dont feel the same. to me they feel like cheap copies of a great concept. look at the new forest that is just pure art it looks realistic as fuck. Im sure that 0.63 is gonna make people install and hype again as all those other copycat games get boring after 2 times.

If realism isnt for you and you like arcady simple shit dont blame dayz for being a shit game but go play some other games instead. 0.60 was great and 1.61 was great too yes its taking long but creating an engine is different than just using an existing polished engine and make some game in a toolkit like all those other games.


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    Sometimes people bring up valid points.
    The devs have taken incredibly long with goals, there are still sever bugs, and the community has becomes jaded and cursory to the experience.

    That said, I feel, and I know other feel the same, that this is unlike any experience I’ve had with a game before, it’s so unique. Personally, I have put more hours into this game than any other, ever.
    And it’s still in alpha! In a crappy buggy state with missing features!

    BTW: .62 is the next patch, which has the better environments and other things like fixed loot spawning.
    .63 will be the patch with changed animations/player controller, and will be DayZ step into beta phase.

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      Also not done with the map yet, it is still going to undergo more improvements. looking forward to this. I love it when the map changes as it refreshes your scavenging experiences tenfold. Cannot wait to see that new damn bridge and the caste uphill close to a railroad track

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    Oh, just one point that bugs me a bit. I hate it when others call out the developers as money grabbers and disappearing acts. They have delivered time and time again. People should really start to check up on status reports.
    What do the naysayers actually think when seeing newly released images of 0.62 and 0.63. are they like thinking one developer telling another developer
    “psst, hey Brian! I made some nice artwork to fool the masses, should work right… nudge nudge wink wink!”
    The negative ones should stop thinking like idiots I think

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    Exactly newt,
    i wish they could stop crying like little kids, and be thankfull for the perfection the devs give us.
    okay some things arent perfect 😛
    but im sure they will be alot better in the near future.
    i hope the devs will show these bitches and make all these other copy cat games look like dogturds.

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      The problem was the Devs put out a road map, which back then people where sceptical about if they could achieve it!!! People then instead of allowing for leeway for issues and what the devs have done by basically making the game twice in the same timescale, they bitch and moan about it.

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        Then you guys clearly haven’t seen the revenue they got from the first year of early access. With that kind of money they could’ve employed more than 80 people to actually speed up the process and focus on more things at once. Instead of adding brooms and sickles to the game and other pointless objects/mechanics, they should’ve focused on animation, graphics, playability, stability and making it at least as playable as DayZ mod. Since it hasn’t completed that yet its still so much much worse than they expected things to be. A mod made by one guy with no money is better than a game that has made around 75,000,000$ in the first 2 years. Take a good look, that’s 75 million dollars. With 81 million dollars CD Projekt Red made what is possibly the game of the decade (I say possibly because of Skyrim).
        With the game being in alpha it only costs a fraction of what it will (probably 50+ EUR). If they would’ve invested only half of the ammount they made, they could probably pull another 70+ million from post-release sales, but that’s too “progressive”. They gotta play the “safe” way and make the game with technology that will be outdated when it comes out (probably 2019).
        TL;DR Too slow in developing. Not Focusing on the right aspects of the game. Currently not that appealing. No real goal in the game. Very few options as a player. Currently extremely hackable. Feels like they could invest more in development and stop doing the “it’s done when it’s done”, we need more transparency.

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          Witcher 3 is a single player game (just like Fallout 4). And for a good reason. Because making a game multiplayer is about twice the work. Also: Dev team of that game was about 240 people (3x times DayZ size) and developed the game on REDengine 3, which is the son of REDEngine 2 used 3 years earlier in Witcher 2 (In contrary of Enfusion which is a completely new engine, where only very few parts like “sound tech” was taken from an another game – A3). Final note: DayZ is public early access which slow down even more the dev process, Witcher 3 wasn’t.

          Other than that I lol’d. The fact you quote those examples and desperately try to tell us “How devs should work” or “focusing on the right aspect” just prove you have no idea of what you’re talking about. So yeah, keep writing block of text if that make you happy, but the reality isn’t as simple as directors wanabees like you would like it to be, especially when it comes to hire 150 people in bulk so “the game can be done in 2 years”. You literally have no clue of what hiring 150 IT people at once means (doubling the size of the company, basically). You need to train them, make formations, give them time to read/analyze the code etc etc… Everybody would like it be as magic as you describe it. But it isn’t, which make it difficult to read you seriously.

          PS: Witcher 3 Map size is about 137m². Chernarus is 225km².

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        Forgot to mention that Witcher has a way bigger map(s) and they have to do thousands of lines of dialogue and animation which could possibly mean at least 5 million dollars for all the actors and animators. DayZ doesn’t have that problem since it only needs basic animations and no acting lines at all. There’s no quest lines to focus on. It’s just basic, do whatever you want gameplay-style. You’ll say “you can’t compare the two”. Oh yes, I can. Witcher was made by CD Projekt Red which is a small studio, like BI, unlike other devs such as Bioware, Dice, Naughty Dog etc. and they managed to do it quite quickly (3 years, 200 people). It’s that freaking easy. Hire 150 people and you would’ve been done 2 years ago at least. It’s been almost 4 years and this is where we are. We’re at the point where comments and random posts are more creative and productive than most of the dev team. I’m sorry to bash the devs, they’re trying their hardest but what I’m trying to bash is the fact that the team is miniscule for such a big task as DayZ. They need to realise this and start hiring. Having only 5-10 people on the next update seems like a slap in the face for most of us, I’m sure.

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          Yes i agree with all of what your saying.
          But we dont know how big the dev team actually is and stuff.
          I dont even like witcher not my type of game.
          I prefer the idea of dayz and its the game ive been looking for.
          So the only thing i can do is trust the devs and hope they make it as great as they said they would