Eden123 Fresh Spawn 4 years ago


Today i was playing with my friend the game DayZ standalone.

We looted our Gear for like 3 weeks.

We had whatever we wanted and we had a good amount of Gear.

While we was playing the game, we had fun and such, but then…

We saw a guy that had everything, we did killed him. We took all his gear he had a lot of useful stuff.

After like 1 minute he respawned back on his dead body and literally get his whole gear back and killed us. (He spawned new gear)

We also saw a lot of Tents surround him with bunch of gear in them.

Well, we probably raged and quitted the game. i don’t think anyone would like to get killed in this way.(By a Hacker)

My suggestion is to make it less hackers in the game, becouse i don’t stop seeing them. it destroys the experience of our gameplay.

If there wouldn’t be hackers it would be better for everybody&Will be funnier to play and much more better.

Best Wishes,