[Chr!ss] Fresh Spawn 3 years ago

I tought about creating a small community in steam for people who play dayz longer or care more about interactions and not only PvP. Im kinda tierd that nearly every second player i meet KoS, trolls or trys to kill me after he founds out i dont speak his language or is just doing completly random things. The best experience i had was with the honest DayZ-player …

On this way im looking for a way to contect the last kind of players who care way more about the game and its possibilyties, experience, interactions… and are not just here for simple PvP.

The idea would be to get some player together and maybe find an empty server to join (which shouldn´t be hard to find) and on this way we could have way better experience since imo a big problem of DayZ is its community and not the game itself.

What do you think, would it be worth creating a group and can we get people together?