Dazy is largely people killing people, occasionally a zombie. But it can get dull, especially when you encounter fresh spawns who are very new to the game. I started playing Dayz some time ago, I died from thirst…a lot. But you gradually get better, you learn how to find things, you understand that dashing across an open field in day light, might not be wise. You get the idea that logging out in a building, with all the doors closed is far better than logging out under a tree or in the open. So, hopefully, all being well with you, eventually you acquire understanding and skills about how to survive in Dayz.

The Stary, Novy, Gorka, Kabanino, NWA and Grishino square is a good area to play in, bopping from one to the other; lots of cover but also open spaces to observe. A lot of traffic in this area too, with lots of eager pumpkins heading to the NWA dreaming of Mosin’s but generally just finding themselves waking up on a beach near Elekro.

But, I have never really had a good adventure with other players – you watch Baby Nades, RunningManZ, Nezar, Mylo TAS, maybe even Stimpee, those guys have great adventures. I WANT great adventures. But trusting randomly bumped into players is stressful, it is not easy, maybe impossible. So my question is shoot or not to shoot – how do you go about meeting players and garnering a sense of mutual adventure.