I’ve been playing this game for some time now and I’m perfectly aware that this game is in alpha with development to come.

Currently this game offers players a vast and eye-catching environment to move through with – in effect – nothing terribly much to do.

Encounters with other players are the only means through which genuine excitement is generated and yet the scale of the map reduces these encounters to mere accidental instances.

Apart from player v player interaction the only other activity on offer is the collection of those items required for survival (food/water) and the search for a weapon.

Water doesn’t present any real problem – the number of wells is makes it relatively easy. Why does every well work? Why don’t they run dry on occasion or become unworkable? Searching for tinned food can be a little time consuming – but it’s hardly a challenge.

The procurement of food could easily be transformed in to an entertaining part of the game – instead of the chore it is now – by removing the tinned food and making the hunting of animals mandatory.

Zombies are a mild irritation and easily dealt with…..they are really only on the edges of the game, hardly a central element of it.

The redesign of Cherno, Elektro and Berezino is great – but there’s no real reason to enter any of those towns/cities – once you’ve had a look through them what really is the point of going through them again? Any of the items that are spawned there they can readily be found elsewhere. Personally I seldom bother with any of those areas.

It is essential to develop the role of the zombies in this game. Their numbers need to be increased dramatically and they need to be significantly more aware of the presence of survivors.

Is it feasible for their to be zombie “leaders” – a faster, more aggressive, less numerous,  class of zombie that wont stop their pursuit of survivors once they are alerted to their presence?

There has to be tangible rewards for entering the large cities and the zombies have to “protect” those rewards in numbers that make it a real challenge. Why can’t there be weapon caches that spawn in the cities in indeterminate places that have to be searched for and found whilst dealing with numbers of protective zombies? Or caches of food or ammunition?

Is it a mistake to concentrate the higher grade weapons in military bases? Perhaps there should be a chance of those grades of weapons spawning elsewhere – in civilian areas – to make it worth your while looking through them.


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    i know what u mean but last and next bigs updates are focused on mechanic and not content
    the only thing to level up the game while waiting is playing on a roleplay server .
    there are less food nowadays and it the first step to a real survival game

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    Standalone and DayZ on Chernarus is pretty much dead for me, i’m just waiting for Sumrak to release his new Namalsk for standalone which will fix 99% of the problems with the game.

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    They have developed a new system for the spawning of Zombies that will be implemented into the game when 0.61 hits stable.

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    Hey man, i like your thinking too. I got some great thoughts and I am currently working on an essay type thing I will post maybe tomorrow or day after with a fantastic suggestion to be discussed
    There is 1 other idea I would like in particular and that is to actually give Skalisty Island some life by adding a helipad and very valuable scarce gear with maybe double (or more), the amount of zombies that Cherno or Berezino have. Make them hyped up to protect that chopper and the scarce items. I see Skalisty as the place where that government sent all the corpses to rid their mainland from the infected and the sickness, but they failed and now it is super infectious and very dangerous to go there. Also if you want to go there it would be better as a group etc etc.

    I think you get what I mean.

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    I have now posted my suggestion, please feel free to read it please. would be nice to get some views than just the on comment in the last 8 hours

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    No you haven’t lived the hermit life yet. You should try making a base, catching rabbits, fishing, hunting, tanning leather, cooking steak, and farming. It’s very rewarding doing something that’s not looting a military base or pvping on the coast.