Imrob420 Heli Hunter 3 years ago

So im playing experimental right now and just wanna share some ideas i have.

Weapon cleaning kits should be able to repair add ons for weapons or if devs add a seperate kit in the game for fixing scopes,hand guards and other attachments.

Number two would be more for the survival feeling and pushing people to do so, So i thought making a campfire and sit down pretty much like miscreated had/has? Its rly good and makes people make a fire becuse they have to wich will add more events on the map also easier way for solo players to regain health as you need a friend to insert a saline bag.

Spray paint alot more things, Gloves, Clothings like raincoat and some military jackets. crowbars and other weapons + Many more colours.

Be able to look an object in your inventory, Meaning that if i have pistol in backpack and i switch to it from say an AK then switch back to my AK the pistol should be able to go to same place in backpack as it was before i took it. This for players to have fully controll over there inventory and where they have there stuff.

I also belive making ammo stack more like 40 or 60 instead of most 20-30 many ammo comes in, This to make more inventory space becuse it just takes to much space with all ammo and looks messy in your backpack. You gonna fight alot sometimes and could need over 200 bullets, if thats gonna have to take almost 30-40% of backpack space feels bad becuse you need inventory for so much other things.

Apples should probably be stackable aswell up to 5 or 10 atleast?

I like to double cary if i can fit an ak-74 in my backpack with an sniper or other ak on my back. But with ammo for both those weapons + all other stuff i need for surviving it gets full quickly and i could be standing in a firefight with no ammo, and if your not close to a military you are screwed.

Medics is something im very hyped for, If they go on making medic right its gonna be a big change for the game as most of the medics never have worked as they should do. So i really hope to hear about medics and what they been thinking about this.

Lastly i would love to see a way to patch the wellies as they have never been able to patch them with any of the two Sewing kits in the game.

Correct my ideas or share some ideas. 🙂


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    Come with best advices noone sais anything :S

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    1. You can’t really “clean” a broken glass on a scope or clean broken gas chambers in a silencer. as for other, I somehow agree, especially when it comes to stocks and hand guards, they can at least be polished to look clean.

    2. You can already make a fire and sit by it to get warm and heal broken bones and core damage that only heals through time and can’t be fixed otherwise, but is sped up by heat (according to Wobo), I don’t see your point here

    3. Spray painting everything is a good idea, I second this.

    4. look does not equal lock. And objects already DO return to the place they were before and only go elsewhere if there something blocking the space. Only exception to this is military knife that will not go back to military boots for some reason.

    5.If you need 200+ bullets in DayZ, you’re not playing DayZ properly. (Protip: Go back to CoD if you want 24/7 PvP run and gun)
    And you obviously don’t know your priorities if you “NEED” to keep 40% of your inventory ammo. Just don’t carry it, that’s it, use that slots to carry other things, and conserve your ammo by playing DayZ like it’s a survival game, not MMOFPS.

    6.No. Apples should not be stackable. I guess you have never seen an apple because you can’t really fit 10 apples in a single pocket. And you wanting this just proves how you use apple glitch to stuff your face and completely ignore the “survival” aspect of the game so you can go looking for guns/ammo to PvP and that’s sad.

    7. Don’t double carry. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Learn your role in DayZ and play accordingly. You don’t need 10 weapons on you, When you die you’ll only have one in your hands so make the most of that one. If you want to double carry, Carry an AK on your back and a pistol in a chest holster/vest -> problem solved.
    And if you don’t want to fight away from military areas, go watch VigilanteGamer’s videos on how to approach cities and be careful.

    8. Wellies can’t be fixed? Cool, didn’t know that,but why would you even have them next to better alternatives, like military boots that can store a knife and save you the “oh so precious” slots in your backpack for ammo.

    Your “advices” are far from best, calling them mediocre is an overstatement. Most ideas you mentioned are anti-dayz and pro-pvp or don’t make sense. But thanks for trying, I guess?

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      You clearly dont understand that the team makes the game pretty much exactly like the mod, All weapons cars etc will come. If you dont understand PVP and action will be big part of it you should go play survive the nights or miscrated, But even in those game you will face huge pvp if you dont play PVE servers.

      You clearly dont understand wellies are the best fotwear in the game dude 🙂

      Im Alive with my character for 7 days and have 11 kills with him, Dont tell me i dont understand the game beccuse i played over 800h and are well known with days since way back .

      Your “advices” are far from best, calling them mediocre is an overstatement. Most ideas you mentioned are anti-dayz and pro-pvp or don’t make sense. But thanks for trying, I guess?

      This made me laugh, Ok mr Dayz PVE pro thank you for trying to be so PK corrected but its wrong.. IF you ever watched a streamer or highlights from youtube videos you see pvp every where. Becuse game is PVP based. We can remove all weapons and add pink ponys for you to ride and survive with and cock som pony meat with have fun noob.

      Also you totaly misses respect and understanding for people playing differently, just becuse you dont wanna see something or understands it many other people will.

      When all new military weapons coming and people will be sniping 10x more with insane sniper in this game you can tell me this game is not about pvp.

      But serisly if you wanna pvp play PVE servers have fun you find me on PVP servers playing my “way” not your way.

      If you have an AK m4 you want atleast 145 bullets on you. You never EVER wanna run out of ammo when in a pvp battle, and with bigger slot for servers coming there will be chances to meet even bigger groups and yes you do need all that ammo then.. Like i said you never wanna run out of ammo in a gun battle, But i guess thats why i get kills and your PVE bullshit gets you killed.?

      Sorry but your noob in my ears and i would totaly rek you in this game 🙂

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      The most important things is you dont realize “Fun” Comes before “Realism” in games.. This is the area your most lost on.

      Fun will always come before realism, so if you cant stack apples like that inreal and its booring in the game to have it realistic then dont make it realistic.

      Its a game not real life, Its suppose to work for players not be realistic, its about to be fun and have a good feeling to it.

      Your totaly lost there.

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        Did you even read what you wrote before posting. How do you expect me to understand this incoherent string of words?

        I’m totally for meaningful PvP and that’s one of the coolest parts of DayZ that’s mostly unique to DayZ. Everybody I talked to claims that no other game makes them pumped with adrenaline as much as DayZ, and I totally agree with them and none of that would be possible if DayZ were PvE only.

        But stacking apples is one of the dumbest “suggestions” I’ve ever heard since I started playing DayZ, this isn’t about realism/fun, this is about you wanting an easy way out of survival, one of THE 3 KEY ASPECTS of DayZ.

        Play your cards right and you’ll easily take out group of players with a single CZ527 magazine, if you need 6 full mags to do the job, I’ll repeat, you’re obviously doing something wrong.

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          easy, its very easy i eat my guy up to healthy in two second, just go to a tree and spammmmm 100 apples in 5 min.

          What im saying is stupid is you need 25 apples to eat character full, it takes with full gear backpack everything not many minutes till he wanna eat again. So if i have to use my whole backpack to stack apples is fucking stupid do you understand? There is to much other loot in the game we need to carry with us.

          Then ammo aswell, why people stay close to airfield and tisy is becuse they dont wanna run back to be able to find ammo.

          Alot of things so stupid in this game ive said i back away from it untill they fix it.

          i dont bring 6 mags, i bring ammo and one mag. But ammo takes to much space aswell and yes with m4a1 full battle or aks the ammo will go pretty fast.