Today, me and my friend got this car working and decided to go for a drive on the coast. But before this happened we had a sedan above Zelenogorsk along with this offroad. Whilst my friend who is a “really good driver” was struggling up the hill in the sedan this guy named Tyler (guy in the back right seat) walked up on me whilst I was looking behind me for my friend. Instead of shooting me (like most) he asked for a ride. So we gave him a ride. He didn’t know were he wanted to go, he just wanted to go on a nice drive. Whilst we were driving, we came upon this other guy (guy in the back left seat) who, liked the other, asked for a ride. So we gave him one but sadly this journey would end with everybody’s favorite. A server restart.

Now, to make this clear both of those two guys I picked up were armed and me and my friend armed as well. But instead of shooting we gave them a ride and made some new, short lived friends. I just want this to show that there are friendly people. You just have to talked to them instead of shooting. If people were to do this, I could only imagine how much better this game would be if people turned it into a more of meeting people and talking to others than a COD were the only difference is you have to work for a weapon….