Koach Fresh Spawn 10 months ago

Are you looking for a great community with amazing moderators that actually do their job? How about somewhere you can meet new friends and people to play with? Are you tired taking 2 hours of you time just to meet up with your friends? (We can’t actually help with this one, I’m just wondering who else hates it.)

Well look no further, here at The Ugly Boys everyone is welcomed to join. We are a new DayZ standalone server dedicated to creating a fun and active community. Our server will be running mostly daytime with a daily restart schedule. If you would like to join, our Discord server is listed here: https://discord.gg/Gbn5MbS.

In our Discord you will find the server IP address, rules, announcements, and other miscellaneous discussions. You are free to join the DayZ voice chat lobbies as well as chat with other members of the community.

Also follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/theuglyboysdayz. Here we’ll be keeping you guys up to date with news about the server and different activities we will be hosting.

Now if you’re ready to start having real fun playing DayZ, then come join The Ugly Boys!