Hello DayZ Community!

We are looking for specific types of players on DayZ for PS4. We are informally known as The Disaster And Rescue Coalition (DARC), or the DARC Angels. You can spot us by the Black Armbands that we wear, and if you have a radio, tune to channel 87.8 at nightfall to hear our DayZ Radio broadcasts, tips, survival hints, live music and more via our field transceiver radio from an undisclosed location.  We are a Government Rescue Agency sent to Chernarus to restore order and operate as such. PLEASE GO TO FORUM FOR SERVER INFORMATION. We operate on US NY 0054 public


We are looking to recruit players of any skill set, as long as you play with morals. We are 100% Anti-Bandit and as our team name suggests, we try to help and assist survivors of Chernarus while eliminating all threats; infected or bandit. You could call us the “good guys”, however, do not mistake our kindness for weakness. We have a large team and we are active in our home server almost 24/7. We have multiple camps and caches throughout the map, as well as, very experienced players to help you along the way. Most of us are real-life first responders and military. Our long-termprimary mission is to secure and maintain an entire town and create a SAFE zone for all survivors and free trade.

We are looking for mature players with good communication skills, willing to adapt to certain roles in a team, preferably 18+ years of age. We ask that you try to play with us at least once a week. We have multiple squads and we are continuing to grow as we rendezvous with more survivors on Chernarus



and create an account. Read the rules and regulations then post an application for review. You will then be placed into a training academy to build some trust before we let you in fully. When we feel you’ve proven yourself, we will give you a black armband.

Finally, as a message to all other survivors out there, if you see us in Chernarus, do not approach with hostility! Any hostile action towards us, will immediately be answered with deadly force. And remember, where there is one of us, there are more of us.

We are here to help, we are the DARC Angels. “The light in the night”