Personally I like using the ash wood bow. In .59 you could use one set of sticks to make one stack of five arrows. Then it would only take 1 feather and 1 bone to convert the stack to upgraded arrows. Now it’s just the opposite. It takes one feather (which isn’t that bad) and one bone per arrow. The bone is the main killer part of the bow. It’s called pile of bones, as in more than one per I’d assume. I see the bow as a weapon of last resorts. So why would a weapon used in a pinch be hard to get. I personally think that they ruined bow mechanics. I was wondering what other bow users thought?


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    “ruined bow mechanics”? dude, you can’t fix something which is already broken as fuck…
    You can’t move while shooting with the bow (the new player controller should fix that, which isn’t released yet (BUT IT SHOULD BE THE FUCKING MAIN PRIORITY >.<)). The arrows fly extremely inaccurate, and more …

    The bow would be my fav. weapon on DayZ, because I fucking love bows, but I think we have to wait another 4 years until they finished the bow mechanics…

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      Calm down, player controller is still priority. Stop complaining, take a break & come back later.

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        Yeah, I calm down, but DayZ is now in development for a long time and no one can argue that the development makes fast and good progresses. The priority should be to create a solid base (engine). The new renderer was the first step (real progress) and even that took a long time to develop.
        The player controller is one of the important things in every game. The main part about games is how you play it, how it feels and that depend on the player controller. It isn’t that hard to create a working player controller. The main issue about the current player controller is that it doesn’t support multible animations. Each animation is a single animation which need to end before another animation can start. That causes things like: player can not stop/continue moving while changing weapons, player can not cancle animations like going prone/crouch by switching those positions. DayZ feels clonky, it feels like you controlling a robot which doesn’t react like you want.

        However, I think the devs try there best. I guess it’s just the crappy ARMA engine, which restrict the development. I remember when the spray-painting of a mosin changed the max-bullet count to 1 (instead of 5). How can something which should normally only be a texture-change affect the max-bullet count?

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        It’s just sad, because DayZ has so much potential and it is a very good survival game (the best I ever played, even in comparison with all the other survival games).
        Nevertheless, the development could have been much better than currently!

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    I have learned something on the bow accuracy. What happens to me, or the feel I get is that when you pull back to aim and hold a bit you usually hit around your ( ) targeting area, but as soon as you zoom while doing the same it goes horribly inaccurate and you hit much more left. It is also much more realistic to build your bow by searching for materials then using a bug/ glitch to do so. 1 Feather for 5 arrows, come on. It should be 3 feathers for 1 arrow

    I saw DayZ a while back as a Three Big step process coming closer to completion.
    1, Engine replaced – Done
    2, Sound engine replaced – Awaiting 61 release, but its done
    3, Player controller. This is a Very big one as it is promised to change the way we control our characters and how they behave. Walking and eating, Moving while shooting (the bow was mentioned on this before I believe), Injured poses, extra character gestures etc etc.

    The rest are just addons to me. Base building will be big, but it is just that, a new addition with extra materials, but I’d rather want a character looking good at doing it than just a wall appearing when clicking on craft a wall. I am on the Devs side of this as I see DayZ a little different these days. What they are doing is very good and we should all just have some patience here and wait it out. Give them time to complete their project and love what they give us to play with. If you honestly did not love this you would not even comment on anything here right?

    I have waited on things, many times in my life and got upset about waiting for these things, only to feel super silly when I get. It is because the wait for it felt appropriate and the time waiting aspect flies right out the window as it feels like it flew by in a jif. Sometimes patience is the answer.
    It is kinda a lot like Game of Thrones actually. 1st Season it was said “Winter is coming”. We sat thrillingly, YET impatiently for six years waiting and watching. We were glued to out television sets. Now we do believe it as “Winter is Here” and those six years of waiting absolutely feels like nothing.

    We are having DayZ for just over two and a half years and we still play it, love it. The GTAV, Skyrim and Falout players mainly stopped playing those titles after 4 to 5 months from release and yet it took up to 8 years for some of them to be completed. Most of us are enjoying out moneys worth of what we got already and whatever we get in the future is a MASSIVE BONUS.

    I too feel those with patience will enjoy the product longer compared to a person without patience because the product waited on will soon get boring to the impatient persons as it does not live up to their required standards. So I feel we should sit back and enjoy DayZ and whatever we get to play with till it is done.