=TGB= Dayz Hero Clan Recruiting!
The Green Beret is an international, experienced, and active Dayz clan, started in the December of 2014, devoted to the aid of others and look to those who cannot contend for themselves. To be apart of a larger community and a greater camaraderie with other people is what we strive for.
The Green Beret were active until july 2017. We are now restarting and looking for every position possible! COs, NCOs, Content Creators, PVP and all around solid people.
We look for people who will actively play and communicate well and effectively in Discord and on Dayz. Also, we are a hero clan, meaning that we strive to avoid clashes and hope to attain accord with others. However, this does not mean that we will hesitate to attack others in tense situations, or to always approach others in a friendly manner. Not only this, but we are a semi mil-sim clan, meaning we play with formations, formality, and a commanding structure, however, it doesnt mean we dont have fun doing it.
At the moment, our clan has an large amount of members, ranging from medium to high experience. We are currently allied with two other active and friendly dayz clans, both who play internationally, and are active and available to play even if we are not on our Discord. We’re able to have more than 30 people on a single server – and we want you to help us make that happen and grow even farther. Not only his, we are one of the fastest growing Dayz clan on the Standalone and will continue to expand with the help of such a supportive and active community.
We will provide you with a simplified version of military structure and callings to provide maximum support for each player, providing you with training and exercises you need to be successful in the clan with the help of our drill instructors. We will have events throughout the week making a full loot runs, pvp, or just general clan improvements and fun.
The main game that we play is Dayz Standalone, however, we do also play games such as Arma, Dayz Mod, War Thunder, Rocket League, Heroes and Generals, Counter Strike, Gmod, and more.
To apply, join our Discord!
• Minimum age- 17
• Minimum Hours- 50 (Willing to accept new players aswell)
• Game(s)- Dayz Standalone
• Has a microphone. It is imperative that we communicate.
• Must speak English.
• Active Dayz player and member in the Green Beret. Also is active looking at the forums
• Has Discord: https://discord.gg/bXuACgS
•Mature, and can respect and follow orders; understands that we are an active clan, but we understand people have real lives – life before gaming.
Moreover, we have:
• Quick and detailed application and recruitment processes
• Active Admins from EST and GMT Time Zones
• Experienced Officers
-NCO’s required to have 200+ hours
-CO’s required to have 500+ hours & 18+
• Was one of the biggest clans in DAYZ!
• Option to either be Recruit or Mercenary
Mercenaries are a group type that can show up whenever they want unlike regular recruits; they will not be bothered with messages, reminders, or have to follow any attendance rules. Only will get announcements from the steam page.
• We are currently looking for commissioned officers and a high command who can quickly give out commands to others in active situations, be extremely active during the week, and can work well with others.
If this seems like your style of play, why not come along. We are open for applications at the moment, (any parts of the world) and we hope to see you soon if you do apply!
For more information and to apply join our Discord!