Hey guys =TGB=Dyabolikal here

For all of you pvping on the community servers =TGB= hosts its own public server. We are a non KOS, glitching, duping and hacking clan. We do not kos on our own server so if your around and you run into us guns low=friendly contact otherwise not.

We do run in different areas depending on what day it is and we announce the pvp areas in the local chat along with updates. We are a non hacker clan so please report all hackers so we can keep them off the server and guarantee you a BS free night of PVP.

=TGB= is also always recruiting.

For recruits please visit us at http://tgbclan.org/#!/home or hit me up on steam.

For server pvp come visit us at =TGB= The Green Berets Clan | Public | PVP NWAF, Stary, Elektro



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