So I have a base with four Military tents and one barrel. I had them set up the way I wanted them to be last night. All filled with loot and stuff. I logged onto the server this morning and all the tents are like flipped around and facing the other way. Like the door way for the tents are in the back now.


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    For Some reason you can’t post two pictures but that is when they are facing the right way.

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    I had this happen to me as well…. kinda annoying really. Idk if it had to do with the slope of the ground or the tree i placed it next to… or the other tent it was beside i suppose…

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    I am having the same issue with civilian and car tents in .60 patch. The tents seem to re-align on a common axis after restart. I have 2 car tents, and three civilian tents set up at the well near a house on the hill North of the new Elektro church location. The tents were initially set up in various locations around the house and after restart, they all seem to have turned varying degrees and appear to all be aligned on a roughly North South axis. One of the civilian tents turned almost 180 degrees. I believe the one civilian tent that stayed close to the original pitch position only did because it was between a house wall and hillside. I assume a fixed model will keep the object from completely turning.

    I have tried to empty the tents and compensate by placing them about 90 degrees to where I want the final location without much success. I got one car tent to swing the way I wanted but after several server restarts it was re-aligned.

    Be advised it is pretty annoying especially for those trying to hide the tents!