Our squad just began using Squad map, and we are constantly updating it. Some quick suggestions that we are currently discussing that will help us with new squadmates and communication:

1. Text boxes. We would like to label our existing call outs for fence lines, tree lines, and other landmarks. We currently use tents that are labeled in our notes, but text boxes seem like the easiest solution.

2. Introduce a miscellaneous place marker feature with Texts, Targets, and Vehicles. Something that would help cover call outs and rendezvous points outside of the options listed.

3. Ability to edit tent names. If text boxes aren’t an option, allow us to label tents something other than #1, #2, and so on. Either¬†on the map itself, or in the feature near the notes, to allow us to more easily communicate it for our teammates.

4. A pop up that indicates what tent you are clicking on, or links you to your tent notes. Give the tent or future callout icons the ability to be selected and linked/highlighted to their specific notes.


We really love DayZ TV Squad map and its features, we hope to continue to be part of the community as it will likely expand tremendously with the coming .62 build and the Beta!