My DayZ Standalone will not launch anymore. I have 600+ hours of playtime on the game and for some reason it just stopped working for me.

When i launch the game on steam, i get the dialog box that says “DayZ is preparing to launch” and then it goes away.
In my games library list DayZ is “running” it says. Then after about 5-10 seconds that goes away and it just says DayZ. The other games in my steam library works perfectly fine.

So i click launch, steam tells me, and my friends, that DayZ is playing. It doesent open then it goes away. So i just see my steam library list the entire time.

I have tried experimental as well, reinstalled it, and veryfied it. Didnt work.

Anyone have a fix or tips?
I have Windows 10.

Thanks alot anyone willing to help.