Hello everyone. I came up with an idea, i don’t know if it has been told before. Im newb here.

So my idea is pretty much laid out like this:

1. Skin drop system (example :weekly)

2. Implement market to sell or buy them skins.

3. With spray can you can apply skin to the weapon which you have in steam inventory.

Then it works pretty much simply. You find “Custom spraycan or whatitscalled” Pull it over to your m4a1 and apply your “winter camo” on it.

My pretty much only concern is if it will have huge impact on game performance, like it was with CounterStrike:Global Offensive when they implemented “arms deal” Well, that was my experience, i literally couldn’t play the game without countless tweaks until i got better system.

Well, this is just a rough idea for dayz devs to stack up more money, that is – resources for further game developement. We all know we have to pay everyone for their job, wouldn’t it be a nice budget boost? Also more fun to us. Another almost useless item finally becomes one of the most wanted. Imagine repainting your Car Tent / Military tent backpack, casual tent.