Roecky Fresh Spawn 2 years ago

So im pretty sure other people suggested this already but i will still write it down.

– Remove the customizable Gamma slider = Flashlights are useful, Night Vision goggles can be implemented, more fun, more thrilling

– Wind Soundeffect is way too loud

– Birds are way too loud and also some effects doesn´t fit in. The forest sounds like a tropical jungle.

– Im sick of the monoton footsteps..maybe they will redo them or add atleast some more sounds

– The sound of Rifles on your back is really annoying..they should redo them cause weapons on your back doesn´t sound like that. Even in the Mod the Soundeffect wasn´t that annoying

– Tents should be destroyable (with a knife, axe or something like that)

Im sure they will change alot for 0.63 but in my opinion these things are important too..